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Tips for men on lighterlife


Making it all add up
No tips other than focus on the reasons why he wants to lose the weight. He may be suprised by how much he enjoys the men's groups, I think they're less formal than the ladies and more 'chatty'. I was nervous about them but enjoyed from the first meetiing.

I'd also suggest a little light exercise as that really helps the weight drop off. I just walk daily - a minimum of 20 minutes so that's not a big commitment.

Oh yes, and join this site for inspiration/support :)


The Minis Bad Boy
My biggest tip would be..... hmm...... I have a couple actually:

1- Prepare to get in touch with your feelings about weight alot more than you ever thought you would around other men. I remember my first session everyone talked about their deep routed problems with weight and it very nearly went into a big teary group hug. I welled up telling my story as did alot of the others. So in summary. be prepared to open your feelings up to alot of men.

2- You have NO TOTM excuse. So dont think that you will have a chance to binge eat. The only chance I had to binge eat was when my american football team lost.

3- From personal experience, men need alot more water than women. So don't always take what your wife says as gospel. if you think you can drink 5 litres a day comfortably then try it and see if your body is happy with it. My ex (*****) could only suffer 3 litres a day, but at 25 sotne I could easily knock back 5/6 litres and not have any problems. In fact I felt great knocking back 6 litres a day and it flew off. With hinsight though I was goign to the toilet more than a man with a swollen prostate.
tip 1: (obviously) Join MiniMins!

tip 2: repeated but worth noting, be prepared to get in touch with your feelings and emotions towards eating - the whole "I'm a man, it's nothing to do with emotion" isn't going to fly, we all know that men feel just as much as women even if we won't admit it.

tip 3: your LLC is (almost) always right. Don't think that you know better, and be prepared to learn and accept what they say

tip 4: if you mess up (lapse) and try to make an excuse, you are only fooling yourself. If you cheat, your LLC will know, either by the less loss, or your ketostix, he/she will be able to tell. If you do lapse, accept that you made a mistake, and move on.

tip 5: don't compare yourself to other guys in the group. Some weeks, some people will lose more than you, quicker than you. It just happens.


The Minis Bad Boy
That last point is a great one. Last time I did LL I would lose 2.5 lbs in a week and then get pissy with myself because a guy I didnt think was following it as well as well lost 3.5.


Is back in the saddle!
And a tip for you... Don't put up with him being a pain for the first couple of weeks!!!!! Tell him to go take a walk or cycle!
Thanks guys i will pass all this information on to him. He is very quiet today, sulking i think and i'm keeping well out of his way at the moment!!
Thanks Foxtrot, i will encourage him to get out otherwise i will be taking extra walks. :) I'm sounding harse, but i will support him the best i know how.


Making it all add up
That's more like it - He'll be over the moon after his first weigh-in. Guaranteed!!

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