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Tips for tiredness / exhaustion in busy times.


Serena's title didn't fit
Hi all,

I've been very busy lately but now I seem to have a small problem too.

I have to ride my bike to school and back from school, 30mins each way. When I get at school or back home I'm EXHAUSTED. Not just a little tired, no.. I actually feel physically ill like I'm about to collapse.

I had been working on my excersize a bit, walking more, 20min bike rides... but that was in vacation time..... :X

But this bikeride is killing me because I have SO much stuff to do (school things) and that keeps me up till late too..

So.. was just wondering if anyone has some handy tips about not almost fainting when getting off my bike...?

I really wanted to start my 2nd year off well but they've totally bombarded me with tasks and it's hard because I feel like I have no energy for it.

I just spent 5 hours on a huuuuuuge excersize and it still isn't finished. (When I say huuuuuuge I mean huge, reading and 'translating' a childrens free speech transcript of 102 utterances, dicecting it (so to say), putting all the cool grammar stuff on paper at 3 different levels and counting the wordparts...)

I LOVE my study, love love love... And I am not quitting the diet...

I just need good useful tips!!

I have half the day off tomorrow, thank god..

Thanks for reading. <3.
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Gone fishing
I guess you are on SS?

You may well need to try one of the other plans. Could work much better for you


Serena's title didn't fit
Yes, sorry, I am on SS.

I'd rather not do another plan, that's why I'm asking for tips mostly, but if I can't feel better on SS I might have to.


Serena's title didn't fit
Noone else? :(
I have no advice but have the same problem :cry:
I started this diet SSing when i started new job in a special needs class. My days went by in a whizz and by 7pm i was shattered. Only advice i could say is why bike if you can take the car (and i dont mean that sarcastically). If the bike is exhausting you, can you drive, get a lift or bus saving your energy for work. Once you have got into diet you will feel much better. Save the bike til weekends when you have more time to enjoy it.

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