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tips on lipotrim food?

Any tips you have to make the food more interesting? I made choc mix a moose today was nice.. Also my mum said to freeze a shake so waiting to see what that tastes like..
Any other drinks apart from tea, coffee and green tea? I have some green tea with lemon in can I have this? Any sweetener or a particular one?
Also I cant stand the soup!!!!:jelous: Wont be getting it this Saturday that’s for sure… how are the bar things would anyone recommend them?
Thanks so much xxxx :)
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hiya love, i was told you cant have lemon in the diet, i may be wrong, but i've been avoiding it. today i have a flu and really want to put it into my green tea but been fighting the temtation to do so!! Anyone know is lemon is okay?


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Hiya Jaynie, i was told that i wasn't allowed lemon in my tea but double check with ur own pharmacist to make sure! As for the flapjacks ive only had one i tried the peanut today and i liked it, now it took ages to eat as its very dry and the texture was weird as its the first thing ive chewed in a week!!!!
keep up the good work!!!!
The flap jacks are like a little treat for me ...how sad haha. I always add ice cubes to my chocolate shakes and I know a girl at work loves making the vanilla into a frothy coffee, by making it up with hot water and adding a very small amount of coffee. x
heya!! NO lemon. its citric acid and will through your body out of balance. NO teas from flowers or fruits, herbal or not. However you can have PEPPERMINT tea, Earl Grey, green tea as you're doing, black coffee. Water water everywhere but not a bite to eat!!
Sweeteners: only the tablet form, no spoonable varieties.
Few things picked up from all the threads: vanilla added into black tea or coffee as a substitute whitener.
Mousses: make shake up with less water.
Muffins: make shake up with less water, microwave
Ice cream: make with less water, freeze it.
choc bar: Shake with VERY LITTLE water, so its like a paste, put in tinfoil, pop in freezer - bit like milkybar if use bit of vanilla and choc shake.
Personally, these are great to try for somethin to do and variety and keep you interested at early stages or feel like you're goin to lose it. But in general takin the shakes normally is more filling, i take mine in halves n have more throughout the day. Its what works best for you. Some ppl hate flapjacks, some ppl love the soup. Just give it a whirl, as long as ya stick to the diet bravo!!! xx
ohhhhhhh almost forgot one of the threads favourites n one i love! silly moi!
"after8/mint hot choc!!!" THIS IS GORGEOUS
............... Make peppermint tea, add choc shake to this, microwave slightly - OMG, it is lush! perfect in eve/pre bed. Loadsa ppl love this on here. It doesnt even taste like a diet drink. LUSH xx
good heavens your really really good, just checking out other diets success storys as mine have been hurrendous, what is the diet your on.....im on SW, so far been pants! fillme in on your secret diet :confused:
wow, gonna do the choc bar and after8 hot choc..

thanks so much looking forward tomorrow now how sad lol xx
good heavens your really really good, just checking out other diets success storys as mine have been hurrendous, what is the diet your on.....im on SW, so far been pants! fillme in on your secret diet :confused:

it's lipotrim only on day4 but going well 100%, doing this for my baby angel thinking of him keeps me goingxx


Here we go again!
When I was on LT I was told I couldn't freeze or microwave the sachets at all. Why are we all told different advice on how to make up the shakes? I just stuck to basic shakes for 17 weeks, seemed to do the trick!
Dunno hun, it is rubbish when we get told different advice but i guess what matters is HOW DID PPL REACT - i mean, not just myself but A LOT of ppl who are on this forum freeze them or add hot water, microwave em and we've all lost weight, so therefore if it makes ya stick to it do it - my motto neways.
The only reason i can think they may say not to freeze or microwave em would be that nutritients may be lost (think over doin ya veges compared to steaming them).
They're only tips or suggestions, whatever works for you.
Jaynie make sure you keep us updated! thinkin of ya for ya weigh in on sat! bet ya so excited hun!!! How'd ya like the "hotchoc8" shake lol xx

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