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TMI (sorry lol!) about toilet things!

i am exactly the same!!! had flu all week and got up for the first time yesterday after a week in bed and i swear it was every hour! not sure if its my body just adjusting to being upright or the diet, or being pregnant (im trying to concieve), x
would be lovely being trying for 7 months, i believe you can still do sw when pregnant?? i dont want it to be an excuse to stay a fatty and get even bigger! x
Yep, but not just peeing! Lets just say that I've gone from a once every 48 hours girl to 1-2 a day! :eek:

I spend a lot of time in the bathroom at the moment :giggle:

Lare73 - fingers crossed for you! I have two girls and they are such a blessing.
I have pcos and still waiting for a test to come up positive for me. Really hoping that being on slimming world will do the trick or at least make it a bit easier if I need help. Heard lots of people who have been pregnant have kept on the plan, sure its safe and been consented by midwives xx
Peeing can def be a sign of being pregnant. When i was pregnant i didnt know how something so small (like in the 1st 2 months) could make me pee so much haha. I really hope it works out for you Liv and i think lots of people do sw pregnant and after when breast feeding etc.

Glad i'm not the only one peeing like a horse:rotflmao:

Lily, i wish i was with the other too, but I'm a bit less frequent since starting sw and am bloated a lot, but i hope my body settles in to it!!

ive heard that whilst losing weight you become more furtile fingers crossed for u

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