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To all of you who sneak peek ur weight through the week


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Hiya everyone,

Do you see ur losses throughout the week ? or does ur scales show that u maintain and then u see the loss on weigh in day ? or does it show through the week ?

I dont know if ive made clear sense lol, but I hope u al understand my question. The reason im asking is because Im not gonna lie, i weigh in few times a week (i just cant help it) anyway I tried not to weigh this week and im being 100% but i just had a peep this morn and i was still the same as last week :( ... so im kinda hoping it will show at weigh in on monday ...
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i sneeky peek nearly every day and its so dissapointing when you loose in the week and then when it comes to weigh in day youve gone back up guuuuurrr.... so best thing to do is not sneeky peek.... our weight changes every day due to things other than food..... pmt, constipation, water retention etc etc .......


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I am a sneakypeeker and often weigh myself first thing in the morning. I find that my weight fluctuates throughout the week, sometimes I even find I've gained a pound or so on days when I've been good, but then the next day it's gone again - everyones weight fluctuates to a greater or lesser degree which is why it's not really a good idea to weigh yourself daily as some people might find it disheartening. I tend to just shrug it off and the only weight I bother about is Sunday morning.


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My weightloss goes down and up all day and i tend to find its half a lb or lb away from actual weight in weigh in day x I usually know when i have lost weight when my weight stays the same for a couple of days and plus as my weigh in is on monday i dont tend to see a proper loss till friday or sat xx
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As a rule I dont sneaky peek but i did today as my class was cancelled due to the weather x
I'm also a sneaky peeker and not only does my weight seem to dip on a weekend and then go back up for Wednesdays (weigh in) but my scales also show me to be quite a bit (about 1/4 of a stone) lighter than the SW ones do so I'm thinking I can't trust them anyway! Going to try and stick to just the one weigh in from now on as I think it will do more harm than good morale wise if I carry this on!
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I do weigh every morning, I just like to keep an eye on what my weight is doing. It tends to go down steadily unless I over treat lol The only weight I take in to account is my Thursday weigh in, I just like to check I'm heading in the right direction lol
i weigh LOTS!!! and mine has been all over the shop this week!!! gah!!! i was 4lbs up on Monday - showing as half down today....hoping it doesnt change much cos my weigh in is at 6pm!!! :)
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Yes I weigh at home as it gives me advance warning to Monday weigh in. I have lost every week and never maintained so it doesn't hinder me. The SW scales are always lighter then mine at home.
I think it is personal choice
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I really try not to, i didn't on the first week but the last 2 weeks i ended up doing on the Wednesday morning (weigh in on the evening). My second week i thought i had lost a pound, it was 4 in actual fact! Last week i thought i had lost 3 but it was 1.5 LOL i'm staying off them this week x


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Honestly I think losing weight is hard enough as it is without making if even harder! Unless you are the type of person who is able to shrug it off and get on with the plan then it really can be fatal

Scenario 1 - the scales show a loss - you feel great and think yipee! But then you either subconsciously relax and are not as strict as following the plan or you get to WI and find out there is no loss

Scenario 2 - the scales show a loss - you feel great and think yipee! But then you get to WI and you do not get the result you hoped - you feel down and think s*d it and go off plan

Scenario 3 - the scales show a gain - you feel down and think s*d it and go off plan

No win situation unless you are strong minded :(

Lady J

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I try not to but had a peek this week (to see if i'd acheived november challenge!) and was two pounds down so i'm hoping i will be the same at weigh in tonight!
i used to be a sneeky peeker but have come to realise that all the peaks have been on different scales and tell me different amount. So from now on since i have joined slimming world i am going to rely on their scales only. (but it is hard not to peak daily) !!!
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I like to have a sneeky look and my scales are usually pretty much the same as the SW ones!! I hop on them in the mornings but i can fluctuate so much every day !!
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your right circes!! SW scales are very accurate and my asda ones can never make their mind up and more often than not they say iv gained when iv been a SW saint so i think oh this aint working and pig out :mad:
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I tend not to look at the scales for a sneaky peek as I know I'll be disheartened if I don't like the figures lol.
Hello my name is Paula, and I'm a sneaky peeker!! lol

I just can't help it! I tend to get on the scales every two or three days. If I'm not doing as good as I want, then I'm extra good, but I don't let up if I'm doing well.

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I sneak peak!! I weigh in at home any way. But if I been a naughty girl I weigh myself and if I see a gain I put 110% into it till weigh in by eating soups and speed foods and it's helped me. Especially as last 2 weeks had weekend events! And I gained half pound one week and half poun the other. But i woul of just thought I've gained any way sod it.... So I guess it helps me in a way?


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I sneaky peek, I also follow the plan online at home so always weigh on the same scales.

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