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to gain 1 pound of fat


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even though we have been restricting calories to the extreme, when you go back to real food is it still the same rule... that if you consume 3500 calories over what your body needs you will store 1 pound of fat? Or is it a bit different for us after such a "dramatic" VLCD? just thinking about how im going to maintain x
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Don't quote me, but i'm sure that your body only needs around 2000 calories a day so just need to stick to that rather than having any more that way you wont gain, but every ones lifestyle is different some may need less, others more. I guess it's just about being healthy and sensible afterwards and keeping an eye on the weight.
Lots of sites like myfitnesspal.com can work out/estimate your basal metabolic rate BMR for you, based on your weight and activity levels, this should tell you have many cals you need to maintain :) doesn't matter about the VLCD
Just remember you will put on some water weight when you first come off If you just bring carbs straight back into your diet :)


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I think there have been studies to show that we just don't need 2000 calories a day to maintain our weight... we're just too sedentary. Think it's just a matter of trial and error really. I do believe though (and this is just my opinion) that the calories from highly processed food and fizzy drinks are used by our bodies in a different way to foods that are less messed about with. I do think that being far more active will go a long way to helping us maintain our lower weights once we're done (unfortunately) :)


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It's still the same 3,500 calories over what you need to store 1lb of fat, however, what you may find is that this has reduced your metabolism, so the number of calories you're typically burning in a day will have gone down. So I think it may be trial and error to work out what the actual number of calories you'll need in a day / week to not put weight on.

I'm pretty sure it's strength exercises that are most useful for getting the metabolism going again, but someone else may be able to confirm.


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My BMR to maintain is 1495 calories. So i definitely DON'T need 2000. That's how many an active male would use in a day.
Wow, that is surprising...... no wonder some people don't lose much on WW or SW cos I think they say that you will lose weight on 1200-1500 calories a day:eek: Definite recipe for frustration!

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