To lipotrim or not to lipotrim that is the question?


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OK I lost quite a bit of weight on lipotrim a few years ago after I had my daughter. I kept the majority of the weight off except for a recurring 14-20 pounds which I put back on every year! every winter I go into hibernation mode and comfort eat. Anyway, In a months time I have a massive concert that I am playing at and I would love to lose this stone for it. Shall I get back on the lipotrim? My only concern is I am very busy preparing for it, that i am worried I may lack concentration preparing for it on this diet? Help! I dont want to do it this fat tho! :(xx
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I really believe in Lipotrim having lost 3.5 stone on it in the past. When they say you lose about a stone a month, it's not just a ploy to get you on the diet - it's true! And you are likely to lose more than a stone in the first month since you lose a lot of water in the first week. If you want to lose a stone in a month in time for your concert then I'd say LT is a pretty safe bet to get you there, as long as you're determined to do it and don't cheat. :)

Dunder Doodles

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I'd say go for it glammam - chances are you'd lost a stone or more in a month if you do it 100%!
Good luck with whatever you decide.