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To Sweeten or NOT?????

Hi Got a problem, I'am in my 5th week and have been 100% good, my 1st few wks I had a really good weight loss, but it has slowed right down over the last week or so, a pound every 3 days !!!!! Which is heartbreaking, I know you would'nt get that sort of loss on anyother diet, but I want them scales to go down quicker sooo much. I was wondering if it could be anything to do with the sweeteners i use in my black coffee and I always save my milk allowance till bed time and have it hot with a sweetener, has any body else had trouble with sweeteners???? I always use tablet ones.x:cry:
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G: 10st7lb
Ohhh hunni. I did SS+ for three weeks, weight loss started to dwindle. This is my 6th day on SS. It seems to be working for me. Since your Already in Ketosis switching shouldnt be hard.
First few days will be hard but once you step on the scales and see a difference it will all be worth it!
I don't think sweetner is the prob, which one do you use? Maybe you need to drink more water?

Which sweetner are you using? Atkins recommend Splenda as any sweetner with aspartme can induce an insulin release. Splenda don't use aspartme. I think the jury is still out on this though, but may be worth changing if you don't currently use it.

I use hermasetas, they say on the packet calorie free !!! And I drink 5lts plus of water a day, so I cant really get much more down my throat without drowning x

yeah splenda have virtually nothing in them in terms of calories, but some experts do believe that sweetners with Aspartme can cause an insulin release. Insulin is known as the fat hormone, and is released when we eat carbs etc, it takes the glucose out of you blood to your muscles, liver (glycogen) and finally if not needed in these places your fat cells. You need to minimise insulin release, hence thats why this diet is lowish carb. xx
ok I'll go and buy some today and see if that helps. Typical that I buy the exact wrong sweetener, it could only happen to me. Thanks for your help x
No probs, if nothing else its worth trying all options, it may or may not help. Good luck x
Thank you, just found out on another thread that some say the milk can knock you out of ketosis???? So looks like I'm just going to stick to 4 shakes aday for a few days and see what happens, I just want to loose a pound to get me back into the 11's seems along way away xx

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