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To Treat Or Not To Treat...?


It is my first week weigh in tomorrow and what is on my mind is not what my loss will be but whether or not I should have a weigh in treat night.

I understand that the journey to next weeks loss starts as soon as you leave class and while I am motivated perhaps I should make hay and stick strictly to plan (treat night for me is a takeaway - but I am incapable of doing so within my syns).

On the other hand would allowing myself a treat night keep me to plan in the longer term.

I completely understand that treat night can impact on weekly weightloss but I suppose the question (for me) is whether or not a regular treat night is worth a (possibly slightly) reduced weekly loss...?

What do other slimming worlders do?

Thanks in advance.

DickieC xx
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Personally I don't have a WI day treat. Everything I eat is on plan and within syns - not because I'm holier than thou but because I'm desperate to shift the weight asap.

It's up to you really. Trial and error might be best if you're still undecided - you could try eating off plan once a week and see how it affects your losses then make a decision from there. Good luck with your first WI!
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Happy Holidays said:
I've never had a treat after WI as I don't feel I need it. If I want a glass of wine, choc, cake I have it no matter what the day, however, I do always count the syns.
I really admire your attitude, I have in the past always had a treat night, but realistically I should just have something- within reason obviously, as this is a plan for life and food should be a healthy balanced part of it. I was fed up of the guilt I felt for eating.
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What I remember of SW in my last class, the people who always had a huge treat on the WI night never did as great long term and it got harder for them to lose weight closer to target, you might be able to get away with it for a while but it will more than likely be something you have to give up, but again see how your body works with it!
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When I started going to a class back in 2009 I used to always have a treat after weigh in. Usually a takeaway Indian/Chinese. Once I had lost most of my weight though I stopped doing it as felt it stopped me from losing more.
Then I started weighing in from home but in a morning instead, this was great as I weighed in morning I then started my day as as brand new food optimising day so stucking within my 15 syns for the day.

I now go to a class again which is on a weds evening, I've decided that I won't have weigh in night treats as again don't want to get into old habits. This week I am going to do a homemade curry in my slow cooker then it will be ready when I get home from class at about 8pm.


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I think if I started having treats I would find it hard to give up if my weight loss slows down. But thats just me, everyone is different, enjoy it while you can get away with it :)
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I dont think i need a treat night as i have treats every night just by using my syns :D


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i admire you really thinking about it from the start, i always used to have sat as a treat day, but, then found it hard to get back on track on sunday, now i've started getting wed on wed mornings, i'm going try really hard to be on track as much as poss, but, i really thik everyone has to to what's best for them:D


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Personally I never really saw the point of celebrating a loss by going out and making it more difficult for me to lose the following week.

That said, if it is done within your syn allowance, and a takeaway can very easily be done in this way, then all well and good. But if it is going out and eating whatever you fancy and not counting it then I think it is not a good idea.

I also think doing this perpetuates the "good food" v "bad food" mindset that a lot of people have - I have been good all week so I deserve a treat and will have something bad. I don't think people without weight/food issues think of food in this way. I think it is better to get out of that way of thinking as a balanced diet should include all foods only in appropriate amounts and that is what SW promotes.
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Totally agree Circes, each to their own and all that but IMO by having a blow out once a week you are fuelling the good vs bad food argument, which is the whole point of SW... there are no good and bad foods, everything can be eaten within the portion guidelines of the plan... so in my case I either Syn it or bin it...!

When I started SW I really needed to get away from "rewarding" myself with food mentality... so now I treat myself once a month to a new pair of shoes or a handbag when I've done well... doesn't affect my weightloss, but my bank balance may start to suffer as the weight comes off lol!

Whatever you decide is right for you, good luck with your journey xxxxx
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I try not to, because I think it's counterproductive - it doesn't tend to affect my weight loss, but I think it reinforces the idea in my head that SW is a "diet" i.e. to be followed for now, but not for life - rather than what I want it to be, which is a new healthy lifestyle. That said, I tend to make syn free meals, and save my syns for a small treat every evening anyway, so I always know I have a little bit of chocolate or whatever to look forward to at the end of the day!
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krupskaya said:
Personally I don't have a WI day treat. Everything I eat is on plan and within syns - not because I'm holier than thou but because I'm desperate to shift the weight asap.

It's up to you really. Trial and error might be best if you're still undecided - you could try eating off plan once a week and see how it affects your losses then make a decision from there. Good luck with your first WI!
I agree I dont have a day off either because I'm a little scared I won't want to get back too it, and also things like takeaway is why I'm in this mess in the 1st place!! So I can't let myself have a day off :0) xxx but ultimately the choice is yours x
Thanks so much for all your comments - certainly gives me, pardoning the pun, food for thought.

Fingers crossed tomorrow goes to plan but I am going to try and treat Tuesday night like any other. I certainly need to move my mindset away from rewarding myself with the sorts of food I've had more than my fair share previously!

It was really interesting to read your views so thanks again.

I'm off to plan a yummy SW friendly supper for tomorrow night :)

DickieC xx
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I will do it for as long as i can get away with it! :D I only do it as long as i have lost at least a pound.

If i didn't have it then i may get a slightly bigger loss but as long as i get a loss i don't care...i was in such a rush to lose the weight at first but now i like that it's steady, this is the first time in my life that i feel confident that i can keep the weight off.


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I used to, but stopped when I realised (properly realised, I mean you always know) that anything I ate on WI night, I would have to then lose before I could get any more of a loss the week after.

I now tend to decide on something really stodgy and yummy, but still on plan, that I can really enjoy and feel like I'm being naughty, but still on plan - usually features SW chips!!


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I have never had a treat after wi
Me neither! - treat and cheat sound too similar (that's my mantra and I'm sticking to it).

Anyway, I do have treats but they are in the form of a piece of salmon, or venison etc. or something non-edible a gadget, or new clothes etc.

I'd undo all my work if I was to start doing the after-group-kebab thing that many do!


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I just plan something dead yummy and treaty that is on plan. For example tomorrow after weigh in I'm having home made mushroom burgers in a wholemeal roll with cheese, salad and parsnip chips. Yum yum! Better than any takeaway!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I have a treat after weigh-in. I don't count syns and I eat whatever I fancy. I can't eat past 9pm as I get palpitations which keep me awake all night. I normally hav a pizza and chocolates or something like that.

I imagine as I get closer to target I will have to re-evaluate this but right now it works for me and satisfies any temptation to binge as I know I can have what I fancy on weigh-in night.

Someone in my class has lost 5 stone in 6 months doing much the same..... not that this makes it alright! ;)

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