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'TOASTING BAGS'!!! Has anyone tried these?


Slow but sure....
I have ordered some toasting bags from Lakeland - they are little black pouche's (2 in a pack).

You make up your sandwich as normal, then place it (uncut) into a toasting bag and pop in the toaster - and hey presto - toasted sandwiches in minute's......

I love a toasted cheese sandwich and I thought the bag would be quite easy for making a quick lunch or snack.

You can make other toasted sandwich's too, such as 'beans on toast' - they sound ideal.

Has anyone tried these bags? I would be interested in knowing what you think of them if you have.

Thanking you.
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is getting better at it
must admit i have been tempted to buy some when i have seen them n morrisons but then again i would have to buy a toaster as well :D
they were on about them at my meeting a couple of weeks ago and they were all raving about them
let us know what they turn out like i may just have to invest in a toaster


slow but steady!
they are really good and mean you don't need to coat the outside of the bread in butter like you would with a toasted sandwich maker!

but poundland does a pack of two for a pound (funnily enough lol) and they work just as good so check out poundland if you have one local as i am sure lakeland ones will cost several times as much!

i just bought them a week ago as i love toasties:)
they are so easy and means no mess.you can also use them to cook things like fish fingers in the toaster i have heard although i have not tried this yet.
I have them and used to use them all the time must dig them out again


I ate my willpower!
I used one this morning. I decided to straighten my hair this morning and didn't have time for my usual egg and bacon so I took one to work, and it was lovely. I had HEXB bread, HEX A cheese with loads of ham, kept me feeling full for ages too!
Yeap they are brill, I get mine from poundland :)
toastie bags

hi there, i got mine om poundland too, there great i used to have cheese and onion panninis in them they were heaven but havnt had them since started dieting :( xxx
Meant to be resusable about 100 times or something silly.

My consultant had a brill idea, if you make up the toastie in the bag - you can take it to work and have a mugshot with it on a green day or ee and its a very filling and quick lunch :) Obv only if your work has a toaster :p
Going to have to get some of these! MMMMM

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