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Toffee crisp


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I think the snack sized ones are 5 syns hun :(
Either way, dont beat yourself up about it, your still well within your daily syn allowance!
Did you enjoy it? Yes? Thats the main thing! :p x


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i did, but had french fries with my sandwich and a cerial bar for brekki - sooooo 19.5 syns blown! wooopsey!!! haha best do a few extra lenths at the pool tonight haha :D x
I wen't over my syns yesterday and I'm very close to doing the same again today already and it's only 1.30!!! Arghhh :mad: will not have anymore today.. i feel very disapointed with myself:cry: will pick myself up and carry on with it though :)


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Had about 30+ yesterday - but did it a flex syns - suppose to be good today but failed haha ah well bring on the swimming :) x


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the toffee crisps that are 5 syns aren't even snack sized.they are tiny!
honestly not worth the syns.i fancied eating the packet of them lol x
Have a curly wurly next time - 6 syns, and they take ages to eat if you keep em in the fridge :)

Tho I do miss toffee crisps now...
We have an evil drawer in the frigde at work (and bowls in every meeting room) filled with fun size chocs...well they're fun size so you think what harm right? Trouble is once I have one that's it! Had such a bad day yesterday I had er, quite a lot. I did write on my sheet exactly what I had just haven't had the mental strength to work out the damage yet!
There was a thread on here last week about toffee crisps- and they are in the SW mag, but it is the multipack ones that have 99 calories on the wrapper- (19g)

I was excited and went to buy some and was soooooo dissapointed at the size of them- the size of a penguin really (the chocolate bar, NOT the flightless bird, unfortunately


In the SW Mag this month it shows a toffee crisp as 5 syns and says a multipack are £1.27. I sent other half to get me one on Tuesday night only to find out that they are actually 11.5 and in the mag it doesn't state what siize!!!! Just says toffee crisp...grrrrrrr


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i did the same, bought one last friday after reading the mag then realised that it wasnt 99 calories!! what is the lowest full size choc bar? apart from curly wurlys?


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i was sooo upset - bough a pack with 5 in!
I gave the other 4 away to the skinny people in my office! ha ha :D x
ive done it too got 3 left would have still been eating them if it wasnt for this thread so thanks for saving my life no wonder i didnt loose anything this week boo hoo , magazine pic was misleading lol x
Dime Bars are 8 syns

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