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Cruise PP Toffee Muffins


Goat herder(ess)
Toffee Muffins

This is adapted from a recipe for Vanilla Moist Cake, which I found on the internet a while ago.

Makes 8 good-sized muffins and is 2 days' worth of oat and wheat bran rations - so you get to eat 4 a day! :)

4 tbsp oat bran
2 tbsp wheat bran
6 tbsp skimmed milk powder
4 eggs
3 tbsps low-fat quark
1 Mullerlight Toffee yoghurt
4 tbsp granular sweetner
1 tsp baking powder
I also add a few drops of vanilla and almond essences (be careful to ensure that these are alcohol-, oil- and sugar-free)

Preheat your oven to 180C.

Put all ingredients into a bowl and beat with a whip. Pour into silicone muffin moulds (should make 8).

Bake for around 20 mins.
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Dukan Ancestor!!
These look delicious and a nice change THANKS!


grammar police
Do you not bother separating the eggs and whisking the whites? I've still not found any wheatbran so I'll redouble my efforts, they do look good!


Dukan Ancestor!!
I'v ejust made them - now *I* have to wait till tomorrow to have them! wow they are a substantial quantity (with all the eggs etc), they'll make a full breakfast and more. My 'muffin cases' are really cupcake cases so I got 14, can't wait to munch them tomorrow.

I beat all the wet ingredients together first, then beat in the powdered milk till well mixed, and then added the bran (with the baking powder) and mixed some more. Had to use a ladle to get them into the silicone cases :) and the result LOOKS and SMELLS DELICIOUS. Thanks for the recipe!

-----Added next day-----

Yum yum they are so substantial I had a couple (of my small ones) for breakfast with a smallish bowl of joghurt and I was full! Now munching one with my coffee break. A nice way to spread out the bran and keep me full till lunchtime.
Oh and as I'm on consostab I used a strawberry ML (had eaten my last toffee the day before), and the aroma just about peeks through as well, though I'm sure they're better with toffee!
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Goat herder(ess)
That toffee/vanilla aroma is mouth-watering, isn't it. I just hope that the taste doesn't disappoint!

Can't wait to find out what you think once you've had a chance to try them. I love mine and find that they really help to keep any hunger pangs at bay.


** Chief WITCH **
We're not sizeist here Peony ;)


grammar police
fab, thanks so much i'll go and have a look, was resigned to a trek to a health food shop, but much easier if i can pick it up at a supermarket. cheers peony!


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Made these today and they are lovely! My first attempt at dukan muffins went straight in the bin after the first mouthful as they were so dry, but these are lovely and moist. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, it's nice to know I've an alternative to my galettes for some days now. Will be investing in some silicone muffin moulds though, I feel like I lost half of the muffin to the paper :)
Made this (in a cake mould) in preparation for tomorrow's breakfast and thought I'd try one (as can have an extra tbs of OB as of Tuesday, so thought it wouldn't matter) and it was very nice:). Slight difference was natural yogurt flavoured with coffee and sweetened rather than the toffee (but will buy toffee yogurt tomorrow and make some more). The coffee ofsets the vanilla nicely, I imagine cocoa powder could work well too.

So the others have gone in the freezer to be eaten at a later date knowing that I can have a couple each day in addition to porridge and not go over the OB allowance (am guessing that the extra WB won't make any difference).



grammar police
Has anyone in the UK actually managed to find low fat cocoa powder? I've not really suffered with chocolate cravings but I'm a fully signed up fan of these muffins, and choc ones do sound tempting

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