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Toilet, cough, stuff

I need a bit of advice :( I'm sure it's come up before but not the thing I thought I'd ever be asking on a public forum :eek:

I have been taking Fybogel semi-regularly over the last 5 weeks and had no real issues until now.

There has been no 'movement' :eek: in that area for 3 or 4 days now. I've taken Fybogel each day for the last 3 days and it isn't helping.

I don't have stomach ache but literally every time I go to the loo (ie because of all the water!! :rolleyes:) the............muscles:confused: are also trying to make me 'go', but nothing happens and it's got to the point where everything is feeling bruised and tender and painful around, cough, my derriere area. I now absolutely dread going to the loo as it happens every time.

I was wondering whether to combine the fybogel with either some Dulcolax or perhaps some Senokot. I don't know whether the 'assistance' is a dulcolax type one or a laxative type one. I don't want to take a laxative and the muscles go into even tighter spasms than they already are if that isn't the solution.

I currently feel as if I've been sat on a very hard chair for a few hours :eek::eek:
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ok, done a bit of forum searching and it seems senokot or dulcolax might be the answer. I work opposite a chemist so will get some after work.

I hope it is as I am starting to feel very bloated as well :(
Dulcolax Perles

Try Dulcolax Perles, they'll have them in your local chemist, the regular Dulcolax can cause that horrid cramping, as can Senna, the Perles are much more osmotic than stimulant.

They are tiny little gel capsules, the dose is 2 to 4 and they work quite quickly too, withing 5 or 6 hours if you take thm during the day.
I really hope you feel better soon, hope it does the trick :)
thankyou for that Sally, I will get them.

And yes, so do I this*time, I'm not enjoying crossing my legs as I'm too scared to go to the loo because of how much it is hurting :(
bought some. They have to be the prettiest tablets ever! :8855:
no, better not. I'm having my hair done by a trainee from 6pm and it is going to have 2 colours put through it so won't be finished until nearly 9.

Probably best not in case I'm running to the loo with a head full of foils!
They are so pretty!, and really quite potent too!, though don't cause cramping!! Have you taken any yet?
If you have the "hard" type issues (TMI) try the full dose of 4 capsules to loosen so to speak.
They will have a bit of a liquifying effect so be near a loo about 5 or 6 hours after taking them or you could regret it! Been there!
no, better not. I'm having my hair done by a trainee from 6pm and it is going to have 2 colours put through it so won't be finished until nearly 9.

Probably best not in case I'm running to the loo with a head full of foils!
Lol..what an image!

You may be better getting it over with this evening though, saves embarrassment in the morning! try taking them between 5 and 6, you'll be safe until you get home then! They will work!!! and when they do its run!!!! but they are really good!
i would also say that if you go a couple of days without going then don't leave it take something. it might be impacted to the point where you need glycerin suppositories too.
Took 2 around 6pm last night and nothing yet other than more painful 'contractions'. Will take another 2 this morning. Guess I should have taken 4 but was a bit scared to!
Poor you!

I so feel for you, poor thing!

4 would have worked for sure, its the big dose effect, not sure how the cumulative thing will work, the effects of last nights have most likely dissapated, I would try 3 or 4 this morning, you won't be dissapointed!.

Good luck!!
pain/contractions got worse and went to see pharmacist over the road from work. She didn't seem to think movicol or a suppository would work as said spasm sensations, feeling hot etc weren't usual with constipation and perhaps I needed medical treatment. :eek: Painful to sit, painful to stand, horrific spasm type pains when I went to the toilet.

anyway I bought some of the suppositories and also my CDC rang me to find out how I was.

anyway, I used one and I don't know if it was coincidence but half an hour later, I think I (painfully!) lost about a stone :eek::8855:

I instantly felt hugely better (if a bit sore!) and although I feel a bit uncomforable now about half an hour on, I am hoping that is just my body recovering.

The pharmacist also said Dulcolax Perles can take a couple of days to work, which sounded odd as it says 6-12 hours on the box.
Well Done!!

So sorry you had a painfull experience!, the full dose of Perles would have eliminated that one!

If I were you I would have 2 or probably 3 more Perles just to loosen things and then try to drink more water and maybe get a fibre supplement or maybe even a big glass of warm prune juice with some milk of magnesia!, that works too if you ntake the two together.

Let me know how you get on
LOL @ awaken me!

yeah congratulations on the birth :D hope by now you're feeling a lot better!
Have done the dulcolax route before but that used to give me painful cramps.

I swear by a strong black morning coffee to get things moving.

I don't drink coffee unfortunately weepoppet, never liked it.

I feel fine now, at least I have the tools to hand to sort it out if it happens again!

My CDC is going to sort me out some of the CD Fibre with my next order to help ensure it doesn't happen again (or, as horrifically bad as this time!)


Needs more willpower
Been looking for a constipation thread and found this one. I started CD last Tuesday . Last time I went to the toilet was last Wednesday so it is 4 days over now. I usually go every day. Should I be getting worried. I don't feel like I am blocked or uncomfortable yet. With only drinking liquid should I expect a normal stoole or runny ? PinkyJ x

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