Toilet talk - again!!

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Sez, 31 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I am posting this message after one whole hour sitting on the toilet. :sign0131::sick0019: It was not a pleasant experience and very very very painful.

    I really think that Lighter Life need to address this constipation issue, instead on churning out the same old "Its water you need" rollocks. I have suffered like this from almost the first week. I have asked advice of my LLC (who toed the party line and said "Drink more water.") I now drink in excess of 5litres a day. I have the water flavourings as they are supposed to help too, AND soda water as that is also supposed to help. I should be trotting to the loo regularly, but instead I have toilet marathons, that usually end up with me almost literally crippled in pain. (There is sometimes blood too, from something called anal fissures, a common side effect of constipation.)

    I have, in the past two days begun Phys Husk capsules and I hope that they are going to help me.

    I am bluddy furiuos that on top of the £66 I already spend on this flippin diet I am expected to buy water flavourings so I can poo and now have to buy fibre pills to help me poo. If they dont work I have buy Dulcolax to help me bluddy poo.

    What the heck is this doing to my natural system?

    I have been thinking about doing CD (see my other post) but decided against for the time being, after advice. I know LL works but at what cost? Also, it seems there might be the same issues on CD too.

    I am fuming, and in discomfort and pain.:character00264:

    Its just not good enough. I WANT to lose weight. I WANT to do LL. I DO NOT WANT nor do I PAY FOR all this sh*t.

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  3. Russiandoll

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    You have my every sympathy ... constipation is one of the BIG downsides of a VLCD and many people suffer from it.

    I ended up using suppositories and Dulcolax perles to clear the problem and found that PH (I used the powder in my food packs) kept things regular after that ... but the whole experience was so awful I almost threw in the towel.

    I suggest Dulcolax perles to clear 'the backlog' (or, as someone else suggested, Movicol) and then the PH should help things along in future as it's a bulking agent to prevent constipation, not a laxative.

    Hope things improve for you soon. :sick0019:
  4. Sammy2

    Sammy2 Full Member


    I am totally with you. On Thursday I ended up at the doctors with it as the pain was unbelievable...

    I took dulcolax and the pain with that was so extreme I actually thought I was going to pass out so that makes me wary of using them again and eh who wants to live on laxatives during this diet as surely that is not a healthy option in life is it..

    I addressed this with my LLC on Tuesday and she was like oh well some people suffer some dont - not exactly supportive!

    It really is getting me down too as it is just not good at all.

    I haven't tried that other stuff but need to invest in some as there is no way I can keep up with this pain etc.

    I am right there with ya!
  5. jane

    jane Opinionated


    Poor you. it is horrid but it's not your LL counselors fault.Also just kast night I read apost from a LL (i think) user who's persistant diarrhoea was gettingher down.These diets are unnatural & we all react differentlyto them.
    I urge you not to chuck in the towel over it either. As R-D & others have said, use stimulant laxatives toi clearthe backlog (dulco lax,senna,even glycerine supposoitories, then bulking agents & water to keep it moving. Permitte bulkers are psyllium husks & on CD also Inulin which they market as fibre 89.This is the same stuff as jerusalem artichokes contain & has (for me at any rate) the same extremely windy effects.

    The anal fissure is vv painful & if you bacome constipated again will continue to play up, regardless of whether you do LL or real food.It is the equivalent of a cracked lip on your mouth in the winter. It causes a degree of anal spasm making pooing more painful & hard constipated poos scratch it again on the way out.keep em soft & keep emregular & it'll settle.The blod as i'msure you know is almost certainly coming from the fissure & consequently nothing to worry about.when the fissure has settled,if there is still blood,then you may wish to look into it.

    I find I have to spend more time on the loo than I'd like to ,I use husks & fibre 89 & then when I get backlogged or a bit of the colic assoc with constipation I take a dose of laxative.This seems to be about every 2 or 3 weeks.

    I totally agree it's not healthy. but nor is being 8stone over weight.I'm not staying onCD for ever, I'll be on a high fibre fresh fruit & veg diet within a few months & do not consider that the laxatives I've used since jan will have done any long term damage or caused a permanent laxative-dependant state in my bowels.
    it's just a part of the package with a VLVD, & a means to an end.

    please, If you can, try & keep the bigger goal in sight. Also you can get some creams to ease the discomfort.

    come on girls.Tackle the constipation.It makes life grim & clouds everything.
    also remember you can get constipated on any diet even if you're not trying to lose weight.
    hope the looing & pooing gets easier soon
  6. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Awwww bless ya....I'm totally with you on this! Like you i'm stick of hearing drink more :tear_drop: how much more bluddy :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: do we need to drink to have a good :sick0019:

    I used Dulcolax it's the only thing that actually works for me, mind you i do need to take at least 4 tablets as i have a cast iron
  7. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    Hi Jane,

    I dont blame my LLC at all, as she is doing her job. I blame LL somewhat as this is obviuosly an issue that many of their clients have & I honestly feel it needs addressing. I can hand on heart state that constipation is not something I have suffered, what ever diet I have done. Yes, I agree that what we are doing is a tad unnatural, and therefore our bodies are going to all react in a different way, but as I said, LL charge a heck of a lot of money and should listen more closely to thier customer base.

    I also agree that being 10 stone overweight was indeed a very unhealthy issue, but I really worry about the effect that repeated doses of Dulcolax will have on my system. I am likely to be on this plan for another 5 months or so (if I make it that far!) and am concerned that if I cannot fix this with water, inulin, & P husks, then I must resort to laxatives in whatever form every 4-5 days.

    Yes, I know that a large part of the LL fee goes towards the counselling we receive, but again, this issue needs addressing. I do not find it easy to stump up £66 each week, and then have to pay out for inulin, and pills just to use the toilet in comfort.

    I have no intention of giving up, but this problem if not resolved, will give me much more cause to do so.

    BTW, the LL water flavours contain inulin, and yes, the wind is pretty much ever present!!(LOL)
  8. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member


    Yep i suffered hugely too - was often in tears!!

    Over the last year plus though i have learned to live with my new toilet regime so don't force the issue any more.

    I seem to have gotten loads better just by listening to my body and not just forcing myself when i feel the slightest twinge.

    Not sure if that helps. probably doesn;t.
  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hi Karen
    all the info on here has helped, yours included!

    I must admit I do the same....wait until I really need to go before sitting atop the throne!!

    I do think the water is great tho, as I miss it if I dont have enough & hope I will continue to do so. (I was a total coffee-holic, but rarely touch it now!)

  10. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Aww big hugs Sez (& thanks for changing the avatar BTW!!). Constipation has been a problem since I started. I tried PH in my drinks and had poor losses so stopped (but now have poor losses again so maybe I'm just weird, no revelation there though lol!). The soluton for me has been to take a dulcolax every other day & all is fine. I cant have more than one dose of the water flavours a day as the wind/cramping s horrendous! I have noticed that if I have more than 2 of the new packs that I get quite bad diarreah (no accidents but close!) so am now limiting these...Not sure if that helps? It is a pain and I actually feel quite ill if I dont have a poo every couple of days, never mind the actual process of getting it out!! Hope you manage to sort this out but as Jane says its a short term pain for a long term gain. Hang in there girl!
  11. Cherry Plum

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    Sorry your having trouble Sez, I really feel for you & have been there, but I've found that psyillium husks or dulcolax work for me.
    Have you contacted head office by letter, sometimes a letter has more of an impact.
    Sorry I don't know what else to suggest, but I am thinking about you.
  12. Heaven can wait

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    I think everyone suffers in one way or another toilet wise on this diet. I seemed to go between the two extremes often on the same day but thankfully it seems to have settled down to once every other day which takes soem getting used to especially when you are programmed to think at least once everyday is the healthy way your body should work. But as my LLC pointed out we are eating very little and there is very little waste , I mean you wouldnt expect a baby on formula to produce masses (however I have to say they dont half spread it out thoughdont they? little bighters)LOL.
    good luck girls
  13. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Ps I know other people on here struggle with the cost of LL.
    I reckon that the cost of my CD packs is largely offset by savings on food & wine that I would otherwise have eaten.
    CD is always an option.I know that many find the CBT/TA element v helpful & CD only offers the counsellor as guide not therapist but with that sacrifice it is 1/2 the price. You could but a cupboard ful of dulcolax & still have cash over.

    Sorry, that last para probably sounded flippant,but it was supposed to be a genuine part of my thouhgts.

    whatever you decide I do hope you keep going & get the botty bit sorted.

    you don't say how much you've lost so far or how long you've benn doing LL?
  14. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    This has been such a huge problem for you I'm not surprised you're feeling so frustrated. I truly believe there is a process of elimination required and you must keep posting and encouraging responses to help you. There must be an answer to this!!
    Really feeling for you as it's been going on for so long now and I can only imagine how rough you are feeling as a result.
    There's got to be an answer out there somewhere! Maybe you'll make LL history and discover something that noone else has experienced yet in terms of a response to an element of this programme!
  15. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hi All

    Again, all i can say is.....MOVICOL. It will clear you out and will not affect ketosis!!!
  16. lavender

    lavender Silver Member

    Psyllium husks. they are fantastic, no cals and make everything gorgeous and normal again!!!
    You will never look back once you have tried them.
    Promise .

    Heidi xxx
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