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Toilet talk.

Evening All

Normally I would never discuss stuff like this especially at dinner time but as none of us are really eating a dinner I don't think I will be putting you off it.

Day 5 now and been 100% apart from a mouth full of chicken. I am yet to go to the loo, is them normal. Of course lots of num 1's and today I checked it with the ketose stick and it was pink so all good I think.

Don't need details but how is everyone down there lol.

Regards Lee

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I'm ok .... I have a bar as a meal replacement so I suppose that is some sort of real food. Are you just on liquids? May be thats why but not an expert lol x
Yeah just shakes although as each day goes by the bars and soup are looking good.

I am sure it will resolve soon

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Hope so x


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I struggle with the loo. I took a dulcolax to get things moving.
other way

I am glad this subject has come up i am on day 3 and have gone completely the other way!all good on the plan just this problem.
I find I also have to take something to make me go every three days or so - and was exactly the same on Cambridge x

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paulaanne said:
I am glad this subject has come up i am on day 3 and have gone completely the other way!all good on the plan just this problem.
Suppose at least that way you losing extra weight. Keep an eye on it I guess, you won't want that carrying on too long.

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If you're not going for quite some time then it is ok to take dulcolax. I'd take it in the next day or two if I were you, you dont want any 'blockages' to affect your weight loss!
My God....just thinking that i havent been since Saturday lol....umm not in any pain, cant tell if tummy is distended cos im fat!!...err might try to take something if nothing happens in the next few days....( beginning to fell like im on " im a celebrity get me outta here " as they all tend to get blocked up !!!!


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I have taken Ducolax a couple of times now and found myself in terrible pain after about 12 hours. They are not gentle on the stomach or bowels. Just a warning from someone who has suffered.....even after the 'gentle' dose of 1!


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Physillium Husk are gentler on the stomach, and either help you go or stop the runs, whichever you are suffering from!

They are a fibre supplement and they are easy to get from healthfood shops or online.

I got tablets from Holland and Barrett and don't take the reccomended dose of 6 a day or something, just have one a day with my morning shake, and I haven't suffered loo issues since day 6 or so, when I bought them!

You can also get the husk in a powder that some people on here use, it has the bonus of being a thickener too if you like thicker soups/shakes!

Hope this helps :) xx
I'll try the above! I took two senacot the other week and thought I was going to have to call an ambulance! It was like the laxatives were gripping onto my organs and clinging on for dear life. I was so poorly! I haven taken any laxatives since I was on lipotrim in the middle of last year so it was a real shocker!

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This my entry from my first experience of ducolax

Ducolax is like having a tiger cub in your tummy!

It is powerful

Now I use the husks instead. Get them from the local health food shop, £5 for a big bag. I just add a heaped teaspoon to a soup, makes for a thicker soup & absolutely no problems keeping things, ahem, moving

Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to ducolax, felt like I had been poisoned for several days, though I know not everyone reacts like that


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I won't be using Ducolax again either :eek:

I did take the Physillium Husk powder in a shake early on in the diet and it turned my shake to a very nasty jelly. I didn't do it again. I now take the capsules every morning but the week before last they seemed to have stopped working, hence the Ducolax.

I have also tried the husks in water to drink as instructed on the box, but it made me feel like retching. The capsules are much easier.

As I have gone further into the diet my body seems to have got used to having all this water and I do have problems going to the toilet. I actually bought some herbal tea yesterday and had some last night in the hope that this sorts 'things' out at last.

Laxative Tea - Herbal Teas made with Active Botanicals from Dr Stuarts - Functional Teas - Extraordinarily Good Teas


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When I was on Lipotrim I had a NIGHTMARE with it...

So far though, 3rd week in I haven't really had any issues, probably because of all the hot sauce I put in my soups... hahaha
Try buying some ground flax seed and put a spoonful in a shake. You'll have no probs! (experience from when I was on Atkins- I used to put a spoonful in my Atkins shake every other day) x
I have IBS and I can honestly say it's done me a favour. It seems to have sorted my no.2s out haha. I go twice a week instead of twice a day x
I bought some of that physlium husk from holland and barret yesterday it sorted the problem out! It's on offer too.

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Yeah physlium husks definitely works I also use Fybogel which is the same thing but I now need to get the plain ones as been advised the orange and lemon may have citric acid which will affect my ketosis,


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