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  1. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    new here and on day 6 today.
    on ss (with a couple of cheats of lettcue, cabbage) but other than that doing ok.
    except i have only been for 2 small "no 2's" (sorry to be so graphic!)
    in this that right?
    can i take any consipation tablets?
    any advice would be good!
    thanks, maria! x
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member


    You can get fibre from your cdc. You can take senakot and i think dulcolax.

    I take 2 psylium husks tabs per day now and im quite regular. Make sure and take something soon as it can be really painful been there done that and dont want it again!!

    becky xx
  4. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Are you taking a fibre supplement? Prevention is better than cure and constipation can be fairly common on this diet. However taking a daily fibre supplement should get things regular again.

    You can get Fibre89 from your CDC or many take Fibresure powder, Fibresure tablets or Psyllium husks in either raw or tablet form.

    Also make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

    hth x
  5. hopefulslimmer

    hopefulslimmer Full Member

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    I was the same when I started and I was taking Senokot which did help a little. But I have found that by drinking loads of water I go about 3 times a week now which considering how little we are putting into our bodies I would say is perfectly normal! If it is painful I would suggest Dulcoease rather than laxitives as long term use of laxitives can mess with your bodies natural rhythm :D
  6. laws1200

    laws1200 Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hi My sister did this diet at the begining of the year and take it from me you need to get yourself sorted ASAP.
    She was so constipated she had suppositries, they didn't shift it! then she went and had colonic irrigation... that didn't shift it!!! after two weeks and two days she was in agony and had to be taken to A&E at night they wanted her to have an enema, but the district nurse wouldn't come out to give it her so they sent her home with 2 microlax enemas (which do bugger all if you're full of two weeks worth of s**t!!!)( and are very difficult to administer to yourself if you are large!!!!!!!!!) I am a nurse and rang the GP got her prescribed a phosphate enema of which she needed two!!! to finally move the bloody thing, I have never seen anyone is so much pain from constipation and i've seen a few in my job!!!!!
  7. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    You can't expect to produce 'big number 2's' when you are ingesting so little food.

    What comes out has to be related to what is going in and as not much is going in ............................!:D

    I wouldn't worry - drink loads of water and that will help what is there to ....... er ............. 'plop'!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
  8. lomi

    lomi New Member

    Cambridge Diet
    :cry:I started on CD on the 7th of June and so far had three occasions of serve impacted constipation (sorry to be so personal) I had tried the usual senakot etc then was told to use Microlax, well between 11pm last night and 10am this morning I had used 12, yes 12, and no luck so back to the doctor and she prescribed Movicol, took 8 at 12 noon and although vvvvv painful success but now it is high dosage to ensure it doesn't happen again.

    I think there should be more information in the information on this subject as it appears to be such a common side effect.

    I don't know even if the Movicol will affect my weight loss :confused:.

    As for drinking water I am on between 4 and 6 litres a day, but I did previously live on a high fiber diet so maybe it is my body???? :confused:

    Good luck everyone :sign0131:
  9. laws1200

    laws1200 Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hi Lomi, My sister drank 4-5 litres of water a day also. The Gp said maybe this diet is not the one for her maybe it's not the one for you either.
    I have had no real problems so far but I thought hers was so extreme... I am worried if it has occured in others also...
  10. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    :wave_cry:thanks every one - at least i'm not alone!!
    i'll take all your advice on bored!
  11. Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I had same problem last year. Two steps -
    1. If already constipated, I found movicol to be great and painless. It softens things so you can pass it !!!!!!
    2. Prevention is best - using fibresure or psyllium husks daily. I make porridge with husks but lots of people use the tablets and say they are great. You need to get the routine that works for you!

    There's been lots of info on minimins about how to deal with this issue. Having done all the diets known to mankind - I find that any change in eating habits causes changes in bowel routine. Problem with vlcd is that there is little rougage going in. You really need to take a supplement like fibresure or psyllium husks if you are prone to getting constipated. However, some people find that the high mineral content in the shakes causes the opposite problem !!!!
  12. princessbunny

    princessbunny Full Member

    can u use benefibre?
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