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toilet troubles??


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Three tea bag tea. Disgusting... but works for some people!! Cant say its worked for me though!! Or get some senakot, thats natural...


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hi..i had similar problems for about four weeks until it settled down and had to resort to one of the types of laxatives they recommend, unfortunately. i was a bit worried in case id have to resort to them all the time whilst on LT but as i said it was only for four weeks and now its fine :) (and in that four weeks i took one every 5 days cause by that time i thought it was stupid to wait any more!!!)

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Well, nothing has really worked for me. I was considering colonic irrigation at weekend but then I managed to go. But it's still worrying me that I'm not going as often as I would like.
I couldn't go into work one day because of it. I'd really recommend getting some strong laxatives. I was crying with the pain it was the only thing that helped me. :)


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Hi think laxatives is the best way .Once the back log:eek: is cleared try the husks or similar to keep you regular .Husks dont cure constipation but help to prevent it .xx
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I think also the thing to remember is that we aren't going to be 'going' as often as we used to as we aren't eating the quantity of food that we used to...less food in, less coming out!!
The first week or so is probably all the old food still working its way through....after that is when the trouble may start.
I must say, I've been ok as long as I drink plenty of water.



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or similarly, once you feel better, just eat one of the bars a day..i know they are disgusting but you do get used to them!!! (and they do work if you get my meaning) lol

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I drink a couple of cups of nettle tea first thing in the morning (best with nothing in your stomach so it flushes right through). By early afternoon, I've had movement. The tea at first tastes like grass but after drinking it for a while now I love it. Dr. Stuarts brand is best and Clipper's not bad. I noticed that Holland and Barret sells one brand that might be Clipper that does mint and nettle together - could be better for the taste! Both ok on LT. I got the tip from a Gillean McKeith book and for me it works. I also find a long, gentle walk makes me move too.
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I bet I'll jinx myself now saying this but I've been fine for the six weeks so far. My pharmacist says it's because I'm drinking LOADS of water, increase your water intake? But I'm sure you've heard that before. I've heard warm water keeps things moving too.
Aw good luck, it's not pleasent i know:(


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