Tolorated foods


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Tolerated foods (TF) for PP and PV (You are only allowed two choices from the entire list):
1 FF/SF fruit yogurt per day (avoid on attack)
1 TBSP corn flour per day
1 tsp low fat cocoa powder per day (less than 11% fat)
Soy yogurt (plain), one per day
30 g of cheese per day (less than 7% fat) - Laughing Cow Lite
1 TBSP of extra lite cream cheese (less than 3%) per day
30 ml of wine (for cooking only), per day - cook with lid off saucepan to evaporate alcohol
150 ml of soy milk per day
100 g rhubarb, unlimited on PV, use this limit for PP. Good for constipation.
3 drops (3g) oil
1 glass gaspacho (not homemade), only on PV days
1 tsp soya sauce
50 g of spiced goat sausage
100 g poultry sausage