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Too fat for my Valentines pressie!

Oh no!

After a bit of hinting, my gorgeous hubby bought me a pair of pink, girly wellies for valentines so that we can go for long romantic walks in the woods.

They are too tight on my tree trunk calves :cry:

I am so embaressed- all the girls he works with helped him pick them as they have the same ones- mine give my legs 'muffin tops'

I know I struggle with knee length boots, but never even thought that wellies would be a problem- absolutely gutted and sooooo embarrassed

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awwww, thats a shame chick, have you told your hubby that? I'm sure he'll understand and can take them back, or you can keep them as an aim to get into :), get those legs moving :D. xx
I have this problem because I am very short and I have 'altered' my wellies by cutting off the tops to a length that gives my leg freedom to move i only take a few inches off but it makes a big difference and you could wear them now. worth trying vicki


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Don't forget that with wellies you have to get one or two sizes bigger than you would in shoes!!

Either go for a bigger size or maybe as already suggested have them as a goal to get into.

Don't let something like wellies get you down, you are clearly already dealing with your weight that is why you are here in the first place, just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get to goal weight in the end, then the world of wellies will be your oyster :)

10/10 to your guy though, I've never caught onto a hint from my wife since I met her lol


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I'd love a pair of wellies for walking my dog (so the bottoms of my trousers don't get all muddy!) but have never found any that fit. Even the so called 'wider fit' ones are too tight!
I have the same problem too!! I wear wellies for work sometimes as we do lots of outdoor stuff. I find if I cut 2 slits in the back then they fit ok on my legs. though you may not want to do that to nice ones!!

I had the same problem last year when I wanted a pair. I'd never even considered that they wouldn't fit - and my legs aren't even all that big! However, I did find a pair in Asda - they were pink ribbon ones and are shorter and fit just fine :)
aaw darlin i wouldnt be too down they make alot of boots way 2 small my size 8-10 sister still has a problem with alot of boots she can only just squeeze in to them and u definately couldnt say she is in the slightest overweight
Bah!!! It's the wellies' fault not yours. I am rather gifted in the calf department as well and when looking for funky wellies, I had to do a LOT of research to find a manufacturer that made wellies with bigger tops. It took me a long time, but I eventually got some from Tayberry.

They aren't cheap, but have a little expanding bit at the top and are cute! Have a look here for some examples:
2010 Tayberry Polka Dot Funky Wellies | Freds Outdoor Country Clothing and Funky Wellies - enjoy outdoors in style

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I have the same problem with all boots in general. Boot a lovely pair in the sales which are very snug around my calves, but figured i can save them till september/november time because hopefully my calves will be slimmer!! :p
Please don't be embarrassed hon. My sil is a size 18, and she was bought wellies by her hubby, he bought a size bigger as advised, but they were too big for sil. So as my feet are bigger she brought them to me to try. However I couldn't get them even near my calves, and I am a size 10. They fit my sils calves fine. Since I have lost so much weight, I couldn't believe my calves are still so big lol, but hey, thats life!

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