Too many carbs?


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So far I've been ok eating lots of carbs, but I guess they affect different people in different ways! X


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I think if you follow the 1/3 superfree with every meal, it is unlikely you would overindulge in carbs. It tends to balance it out I think.

I do mostly extra easy and it doesnt seem to affect my weight loss.

I try to get as many healthy carbs in my diet as possible. This means I choose wholewheat pasta/rice over normal pasta etc, where possible. Sometimes I have been lucky neough to find wholewheat couscous as well. I also tend to leave the skin on my potatoes when making things like sw chips etc for the extra fibre. Little tweaks like this can make quite a difference.

Of course at the same time, when intaking a lot of fibre you also need to make sure you are drinking plenty of fluid. i.e. water or a sugar free drink of some sort.


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I started off switching between Red and Greens and now I mostly do Greens as they seem to fill me up, but it has not slowed up my loss.


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I only do green days and find that the carbs fill me up and ive had good losses since the start. I also find carbs more satisfying in general.

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oh good. I love filling meals like rice and pasta! I've made sure i've had plenty of veg with it, and had some fruit after as well. Just wanted to double check :)


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I eat a lot of carbs and I also eat a lot of meat, but I also eat a lot of veg which is why EE suits me perfectly.