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Too many packs.... advice please!

I changed from LT to CD a couple of weeks ago, and for my first week was happily having 3 packs a day, just as I had been doing on LT. I wondered though why my CDC had sold me 7 extra shakes....

She told me when I went back after a week (and a very nice 4lb loss) that I should be having 4 packs a day. I told her I wasnt happy about that and that I was sure I shouldnt - I am 5'4" and dont do that much manual labour lol. She then made me take another load of extra packs and told me to have 3 and a half packs a day. (I also told her I was drinking 4-5 litres of water and she told me to drink another 2, though I said to her thats getting to the water-toxication point, and really I wasnt gonig to drink 7 litres...)

So, for the last few days I have been having 3.5 packs despite my misgivings, and this morning on the scales my weekly loss is just 2lb... the first time in 11 weeks that I have lost less than 3lb.

I'm really concerned that the extra half-pack a day is having a detrimental effect on my loss, and also that I am spending money that I shouldnt be - her prices are above the CD RRP as it is.

Can anyone help please? Dont really know what to do... I dont want to offend her by being rude, but I just dont want these packs and I really dont think I should be having them :(
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Hiya Elle
your'e right, you should be on 3 packs a day. On cd if you're 5ft8 or over then you have 4 packs.

Did your counsellor say why she thinks you should be having more?
Thanks Geri, she said I would be able to lose more weight if I had more - now to me thats just nonsense, and I think just a way of trying to make more money....


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if you are 5'4 you should definitely only be on 3 packs a day. And you have been losing successfully by drinking 4 - 5 litres a day which is already 2 litres over the min requirements.

Do you have any other local CDC's who might be able to help?
Yes,there is another one quite close by, so it would be easy enough to change but I get on well with my current CDC despite not agreeing with the 4 packs/7 litres LOL. Think I will give her another chance next week, and if she isnt going to let me have just 3 packs I shall just have to change...
You should be on 3 packs a day. Insist you only want 3 packs per day you cannot be forced to take more.

By rights if you have more packs than you need you should be able to top up to the 21 next week.

Mention you have asked other CDC's about this and that Note 1 on page 3 of the Sole Source booklet says most women have 3, men and women 5' 8" and above have four.

Why not give her a ring and forewarn her you will only be needing xx amount of packs next week if there is a problem with this then as you say there is another counsellor nearby.
Oh no.. thats not good

I am 5ft 7 3/4 ! and i cant have 4 packs.. as it 5ft 8 and over.. lol

and yeah sounds to me its just a way of getting more cash from you each week,
bluddy cheek ! stick to your guns..
Let us know how it goes


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