Too Many syns?

Principessa N

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Well i'm on day 2 and have been 100% the only thing thats bothering me slightly is my syns. At group the leader told me to have 25 a day. I do weigh over 21 stone, so i guess its so when i hit the plateau i can reduce the syns but still some and by the time i'm at target i can still have the 10syns. But i'm just paranoid i won't loss weight having that many, although i'm certainly eating less calories then before the diet. Have any other ladies who have lost alot or have alot to loss had this many syns and still had results?
what do you think?
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Oh I dont know really hun... I dont go class so cant comment - I stick to 10/15 a day and did that at the start too :/

Maybe a class goer can help ya more but Im sure you will be fine!?x


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might be me but 25 seems a lot but don't take my word as law lol
i usually try to stick around the 10 syns mark a day and have done since i started and i was just under 19st at the beginning

Principessa N

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Yeah sounds alot to me to, i mean in 2 days i've had 50 syns.
I'm not sure whether to keep going and see how it goes or just have 15 syns from now on. I never no what to do for the best

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best way is to have 25 then see your weight loss at weigh in..........then decide on the amount of syns.......everybody is different........i have between 10/20 aday and it works for me....


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I would listen to your consultant and see how you get on. That's what she's there for. If you drop your calorie intake by too much too quickly, you run the risk of slowing your metabolism down, and that will not help you. If it was me, I'd follow the advice of my consultant and see what my results were. If it works, then great! If not, then discuss an amendment to your own personal plan with your consultant. You will find the right balance to suit your own body. Everyone is different.


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I started on Tuesday and my leader told me to have 15 syns a day .


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I'm not sure really. I weigh just under 17 stone and my consultant told me to have between 10 and 15, i just assumed that it is that for everyone. If that is what she told you then go for it and see what your weightloss is and decide from there x


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I weighed just under 21 stone when I started and my consultant told me to have 10/15, exactly the same as my mate who weighed 15 stone when she started. So I guess carry on with the 25, and if you are loosing then thats fine, but if not then you then know you can't get away with eating that many syns.

Principessa N

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Think i'll stick for the week and see how it goes, I've been using 10syns on breakfast cos i love a big bowl of ready brek with sugar and raisins and i'd hate to give it up :D


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I think the same as others - keep your 25 as per instruction and see how you get on at your first WI. Perhaps it depends what you spend your syns on too. I mean, for 25 I'd be having two wispas a day with a couple of syns to spare! And that can't be good for anyone... lol!
If you try to spend your syns on stuff like your porridge (which sounds lovely) and then perhaps healthier synned things (nothing springs to mind but you know what I mean!!) you'll see good losses :)


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yes you should have 25 Syns per day. When you are bigger your body needs more. My mate lost loads by having 25 per day and she was 25 stone


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i would say that does sound like a lot but often eating more can actually help like taz said. i would start with 25 and then if you find your just not loosing or its very slow go down to 20 then 15 and i would say 10 is a minimum. i stick to 10 and have done since the start