Too much floride?


Needs to stick to it!!!
So ..reading my local paper tonight ..front page is Are floride levels in Co.Kildare too high?
So according to VOICE(a UK floride testing facility)- 6/8 people tested from kildare were twice the max limit and in the range where damage can occur.

"Director of the laboratory which carried out the testing Dr.masfield has warned that those who ingest over 3millagrams of floride should take immediate action and too much floride could have long term undesirable effects..."

So...with guzzlin loads of water..dya think this will be a problem????or is there something you can do to filter out floride????

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[email protected] not sure there is anything you can do to filter out flouride in water. I think water filters only do other impurities.

May be you could consider getting at least one litre of your daily intake from bottled water?


Needs to stick to it!!!
yah suppose that could be an option alrite, i didnt think you could filter out floride either lol but jus thought id check thanks cah-ching :)