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Too much food?


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S: 12st10lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 1st1lb(8.43%)
I'm new to SW, this is my second week. First wi I lost 5 lbs which I was so thrilled about. I'm roughly eating the same kind of food this week but am now getting scared that I'm eating too much food. I'm following the plan 100% and being saintly, haven't had any alcohol and eating my syns every day. I'm an ex WWatcher amongst other low calorie and carb diets. I reckon I'm probably just panicking but just wondering what other people's thoughts are on this :) A typical day's menu on EEasy for me is as follows:
B'fast : 2 eggs scrambled (nothing added) plus some bacon medallions grilled 150g (no fat on them) or Quorn sausages..(as of today)
Lunch : Tuna/Salmon medium size tin plus sweetcorn or beans with small salad on the side.
Dinner : Either quorn mince (300g) or roughly 200g or extra lean mince with mixed peppers, leeks, brocoli, cauli fried in fry lite spray with some baby potatoes boiled or some brown pasta or brown rice.
HE - a. 3 babybel light cheese
HE - b. 2 ryvita fruit crunch slices or 3 ryvita dark rye.

I usually have 2 apples per day with either an orange and banana or pineapple and melon. I usually have these cut up with approx 250g of Yeo Valley fat free natural yogurt over it.

For my syns :) I usually have some dark choc each evening which comes to exactly 15 syns. On the days I don't have the dark choc my syns would average between 10 and 12.
Sorry for long winded post but just wondering if this seems like an awful lot of food to you? As of today I've starting eating Quorn sausages and today between breakfast and lunch I've had 6, is this way too many do you think? Thanks in advance if you're reading and for any replies x
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I'd go with it hun. Looks absolutely fine to me.

Always ensure your 1/3 superfree, preferably with meals if you can, but throughout the day with snacks if not.

Have a look through the food diaries thread on here too, and feel free to check out the link to my food diary too.

I sometimes feel like I'm eating loads, but it definitely works for me.

One more thing, just don't eat for the sake of eating, and don't eat if youre not hungry/to fit something in.

Also, try a glass of water if you think youre hugnry and this will sometimes quash the hunger!!

GL xx


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It's not too much food if you are hungry and eating until satisfied.

I'd have something superfree with your breakfast like tomatoes or mushrooms and for lunch I'd eat a bigger salad and half a tin of tuna or salmon, but that's just me.
Dinner sounds just fine :)
which quorn sausages are you having? The mini ones or big ones? I'd say 6 normal sized sausages was a bit much but they are free so if you are hungry then it's okay - best to try and have superfree fruit and veg for snacks if you can though.

Please don't worry about eating too much, you don't need to weigh meat, it's free!

Well done on your first week, the second week won't be as much but it will still work well :)


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looking good! it was scary when i first started thinking i was eating too much but then i considered what i was eating previous to sw wasnt alot but was the wrong kind of things!sw changes the way you eat forever not just for a quick fix. enjoy eating lots of the right kind of food! xx


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Hi there,

I understand your concern, I too am in my second week of SW. Last week I ate loads of good healthy food, using plenty of free foods and having evening snacks if I felt hungry. I lost 5.5lb's and was thrilled.

This week, I too have had a few moments of worrying that I'm eating loads and will not lose weight. I've just eaten a tuna sandwich, sachet of cous cous and 2 apples for lunch and feel stuffed!!

I personally am putting my faith in the plan right now as I feel really good. On my old diet, I would eat until I was full but then feel so sluggish and bloated due to the awful amount of pastry, chips, rich sauces and zero veg I was eating. Despite eating loads and not being hungry, with SW I feel really good, not sluggish and so much healthier and brighter. My consultant did stress strongly the importance of sticking to the 1/3 superfree at each meal, so I have been trying hard to bump up my meals with veg or fill up on fruit afterwards (I dislike most veg so this can be tricky).

I really hope the scales on thursday show my faith was justified! Stick to the guidelines, be sure to get plenty of superfree foods and see how the weigh in goes. Good luck!


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S: 13st8.5lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.31%)
Just remember your dieting anymore and eating like amouse to get results you are food optimizing ...making other food your priority and NOT going hungry

One more thing, just don't eat for the sake of eating, and don't eat if youre not hungry/to fit something in.
GL xx
This is perfect advice


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S: 12st10lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 1st1lb(8.43%)
Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement, it's very much appreciated :) roll on Thursday! Good luck to y'all x


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I agree that you need to be having superfree at all your meals - there's none at breakfast and only a little at lunchtime (sweetcorn and beans don't count). If you were having more superfree you probably wouldn't feel the need to have so many quorn sausages. I too think that 6 is probably too many. And did you really need 200g of quorn mince at dinner time when you were having all the veg and rice as well? Ask yourself if you are eating because you are hungry or just because it is free and you can.


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You lost 5lbs your first week, so I'd say you're eating just fine :) (Congrats on your loss!) As long as you're not feeling stuffed after your meals, I wouldn't worry too much about quantities. The only thing I'd say is to up your superfree a bit, esp. if you're having a cooked breakfast - I'd have tomatoes and mushrooms with my brekkie which naturally cuts down my portion of sausages etc.

(I don't think 6 quorn sausages is too many if, as you say, it's split between two meals. I just had sausage and mash for dinner with an epic pile of cabbage, and nommed down 4 quorn sausages.)

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