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Too much food??


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I am doing a red day today & wanted to be prepared at work. I have only done a few red days before & know alot of people get a bit hungry on these days. Somehow i have managed to bring to work -

A tub of melon & pineapple
A bidlg tub of salad with salmon (1/2 salad 1/2 salmon
4 big slices of ham
2 plums & an apple
A hifi bar

I've already had my brekkie!

Even as i was putting it all in my bag i was thinking, this is a lot of food!

Thoughts people? I am a big believer in eating as much as you need, and didn't want to end up hungry at work with only a expensive m&s to buy food from, hence all the food but am a little worried! I know its all sf & free (or. Heb) but still!
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It sounds fine to me. I do mainly red or green as I find it easier to have 4 healthy extras rather than 2.

You have lots of speed & superspeed there.

I have the same issues at work, there are lots of sandwich shops nearby but none sw friendly. I have to be prepared with full day's food. Forgot my lunch (made it, didn't pick it up) and I was in a bad mood all day, lol, stressing about syns and annoyed at wasting £5!


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I always take a bag load of food to work with me, sometimes some comes back home with me, other times it doesnt! ;) I like to go prepared!
Same, I'm doing a relief work job today so don't usually have an awful lot to do so to avoid snacking on the lovely cakes and treats that are usually knocking about I have:
Jacket Potato
Cottage cheese (both for lunch)
2 mullerlights
2 hartleys jellies
1 highlights hot choc sachet
and in case that's not enough there is also a load of fruit in the kitchen I can graze on as I please.
and that's all just to last me till 4pm!!!! :D


Will get there one day!
When I get all my food out my bag at work it's like Mary Poppins, people at work laugh at me, and they don't know I'm on a diet so they must think I'm a right greedy cow!

Especially if I'm a Double shift and have to take in breakfast, lunch & dinner and snacks in case I'm hungry, there is no facilities at a weekend so the only food available is a vending machine and no shops near by.
A tub of melon & pineapple
A bidlg tub of salad with salmon (1/2 salad 1/2 salmon
4 big slices of ham
2 plums & an apple
A hifi bar

Doesn't look a huge amount to me! It's just 1) a salmon & ham salad 2) some fruit 4) a HiFi bar. I eat *at least* that much for lunch/morning snacks every day! Probably more veggies/fruit or a piece of cheese instead of the HiFi bar.

Youve definitely got no problems there :D

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