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too much food?


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Morning, just sat here troffing a huge bowl of fruit i have 2 small apples a cleentine 2 small plums and handful of grapes topped with yogurt.
Later I am planning on having beans on toast (bread as B) and will probably have some more fruit. Dinner is syn free burgers and pot wedges and salad. I will then probably have a skinny cow 5 syns.
I a loving the plan but worrying that i am eating way too much and not suffering enough lol. I am doing extra easy xx
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I had the same question yesterday. There are days when i eat nearly all the day, picking at free foods and I worry that because of this I am having a lot of (healthy!) calories, and so cant possibly lose weight. But I have done this for 6 weeks and have lost 16lbs, so it must work! Lol. good luck and keep picking sin free foods!


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wow 16 pounds in 6 weeks is great well done, i guess before i would have had a big bowl of cereal and then at 11 had a cake/biscuits/chocolate etc. I cant wait to have lost 16 pounds !!!!
Keep on with it and you most surely will!! I have a lot to lose so Im sure it comes off quicker at first, but I feel so much better about myself. I have a really poor self image, and I hope to slowly change that and get more confident-and live longer! Lol! Good luck. This site is great support as well. Tracey x
Snap :D I seem to eat way more than I used to , never feel hungry or deprived and lost 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks so I'm not complaining

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The idea is that you never have to feel hungry due to the unlimited amount of free foods that you can have.
Dont feel that you are eating too much, just go with it and the weight will still come off regardless.


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When I first started SW I ate till I nearly burst, but I still lost weight, I now eat less but still as frequent, I feel the need to eat every 2 hours so little and often so as I never feel hungry.
Trust the plan! I find that my trust waivers sometimes and I find myself trying not to eat when I'm hungry, that usually coincides with my weight loss slowing - I up the free food and the weight moves again - it's brilliant but you have to allow yourself to start thinking differently about food! Enjoy your freebies :)


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I a loving the plan but worrying that i am eating way too much and not suffering enough
You're not supposed to be suffering! If you're suffering, you're doing it wrong! The whole point of SW is to lose weight without depriving yourself and suffering.

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