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too much fruit

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jezebel, 17 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. jezebel

    jezebel Full Member

    hi do you think its possible to eat too much fruit im not loosing much if anything at the moment and reading another post someone said that she should prob eat more veg than fruit as there is a lot of sugar in it good sugar but sugar non the less ,i have started eating a lot more fruit recentlt mainly bannanas,pears and apples ,do you think its ok or maybe swop it for veg and cut down on the fruit i prob eat about 5 to 10 fruit items a day as ive always got the munchies also any ideas on what i can pick at straight from the fridge mostly red days i do the usual, fruit/salad ,boiled eggs,ham please help x
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  3. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat

    Dont know for sure and Im sure Sw would say its free so eat it, but we are all different and some things make us gain more. I think 10 fruit would be too much for me and I wouldnt lose weight, maybe swop fruit for carrot /red pepper/cue/celery/mushroom. If you have them cut up in snack packs in the fridge ready to nibble on you may be more inclined to eat them, I think red pepper is a good as an apple any day. Maybe have some cooked chicken breast in the fridge chopped up and have a couple of bits with the veggies on a plate with a selection of pickles that are free.you could have a few go's at that.
  4. jezebel

    jezebel Full Member

    thanks great idea i usualy only eat fruit coz its free and im stuck for ideas lol think ive eaten that much of it im going off it x
  5. mumtheshopper

    mumtheshopper Silver Member

    You could make some mini scotch eggs with egg and syn free sausages. Lovely!! EAsy to grab when the munchies bite!!

  6. jezebel

    jezebel Full Member

    thanks youve given me the incentive going to go shopping see what i can get and make some nibbles in tubs for the fridge x
  7. bailey 29

    bailey 29 Full Member

    like the scotch egg idea, may give it a go!
  8. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    Pop your grapes in the freezer, take longer to eat and are refreshing. I snack on prawns and crab stix quite a lot as there is no sugar in them x
  9. Cool-4-Cats

    Cool-4-Cats Member

    Hi Jezebel,

    I am quite new to this (my first week!) but I have always found on other diets that protein fills me up far more than fruit or veggies.

    So...for breakfast why don't you try having some scrambled egg and bacon (if time) or ham if no time to cook bacon?

    Someone suggested crab sticks and prawns between meals - all excellent protein.

    And for lunch, make sure you include some meat/fish (tinned tuna etc) or if you are a veggie, a nice cous cous salad with chick peas or kidney beans etc...

    I find that when I eat more protein I am fuller inbetween meals and don't want so much fruit.

    Having said that, SW seems to be such a brilliant plan that you can eat fruit as and when you want it (as long as it's not dipped in chocolate!) :D
  10. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Off the record, SW will tell you that although fruit is free, there are some fruits that effect people's weight losses and slows it down. Fruit like bananas and grapes are the main culprits, so eat them in moderation rather than as an "unlimited food".
  11. applejack1pie

    applejack1pie Full Member

    this is an interesting topic as im veggy so i always eat lots of quorn and veg but im not a great fruit eater ...until i found sainsburys frozen fruits .. ive had loads of them this week with free yoghurt as snacks, it will be interesting to see if i have continued to lose this week the only fruit i normally eat are banana and grapes . we will soon see !
  12. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    I have a banana evry day on my breakfast, and tend to have melon and grapes in the afternoon as a snack.
    I have always done this, so now thinking if i ditch them, maybe i might see a better loss?
    Here's hoping!
  13. miamoo

    miamoo Full Member

    I thought that Banana's weren't free on a red day?
    I agree that fruit could be whats stopping you losing weight. What about when you make your lunch (say chicken salad) make abit extra and put it in a tuperware pot in the fridge and pick at that when your hungry.
    Also when your hungry have a glass of water first then have something to eat, you could be thirsty x
  14. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I absolutely and wholeheartedly disagree that the fruit is stopping you from losing weight.

    Unless you are eating over 2000 cals a day, every day, you shouldn't gain any weight.

    I wouldn't advocate anyone stopping their fruit at all! Just snack on it only if you are hungry and don't eat it for the sake of it is the key.

    A small banana is 80 cals, the chicken salad could be just as many!!

    I agree a small amount of people find bananas make their losses suffer but not for the majority of people. I would suggest looking at the meals and snacks you are having first before the fruit gets ditched!
  15. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    I found when I ate a lot of fruit, when I first started SW I had no weight loss, despite sticking to plan 100%. I ate at least 2 bananas a day and a lot of grapes. When I cut right back the weight came off.
    Now I only eat a little fruit, but have tons of veg and, for me it's much better.
    I feel much fuller eating nibbles of cooked meat and veg
    However, it is better eating fruit than a bar of choc!
  16. avisk

    avisk xx

    Bananas are on the Superfree list - a free fruit on any day.
  17. miamoo

    miamoo Full Member

    Sorry my mistake, I'm new to all this still! x
  18. Wee Doll

    Wee Doll Silver Member

    ive been eating bananas like mad cause they are really the only fruit i like

    and i have been losing each week but not as much as i thought and ive been excercising loads so im gonna cut them out for a week and see how i go
  19. avisk

    avisk xx

    Don't worry - none of us gets it right all the time! ;)
  20. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    I think it's just finding the right balance. Everything in moderation and all that :) And finding lots of different foods you like, rather than relying on the same ones for snacking every day-I'm a bit rubbish with this btw, but it does make sense.
    I personally think that fruit is a very important part of a healthy diet, just don't go too nuts :)
  21. Violetwind

    Violetwind Determined

    Personally for me, I eat alot of fruit and still lose between 1-3lb a week.

    A typical day for me is like this:

    Weetabix and milk with banana on top

    Melon pineapple and grapes around 11

    Homemade soup and more melon pineapple and grapes for lunch

    Home made chicken fried rice with dragon brand curry sauce (about 2 syns)

    Treat size buttons pack (4.5 syns)

    I honestly don't think eating alot of fruit can maintain or make you have a gain. However though our consultant recommends that unless you are active not to eat more than one banana a day.

    Hope this helps :)

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