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Too much fruit??????


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Just been thinking about what i eat the most of and i try to limit yoghurts to 2 per day max, i eat loads of fruit. When i sit and think about it i can eat 2/3 apples, 2 bananas, grapes, plums, pineapple per day easily.

Has anyone found they have to restrict their fruit? or restrict anything to help weight loss?

Thank you, look forward to hearing your experiences. x
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If I eat too much fruit, it affects my weight loss and it makes me hungrier.
There have been a few discussions about this on here lately and others find the same as me, others eat fruit all the time.
Try cutting back on the fruit swap it for a slice of ham or some raw veg, and see how it goes.


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I definitely can't each too much fruit.
On my 2nd and 3rd weeks of SW I stuck to plan but ate a couple of bananas a day and a lot of grapes and STS both weeks. I also used to eat a lot of muller lights
After I cut back on both and my weight loss was much better.
A couple of ladies in our group have STS or small gains when they eat too much fruit.
I agree with eternity, try swapping with other free food.


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Thank you eternity and malaika, it sounds like i need to monitor my fruit intake. Lets see how this week goes being a bit stricter.

Thanks again.


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My mum goes to classes and one week didnt lose though had followed the plan well. She asked if she could be eating too much fruit (as she loves it). The leader said "do you eat it because you like it or because you're hungry?" It was because she liked it so she was told to only have it when hungry - had a brill loss from then on


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Thanks jen3, i think you have hit the nail on the head there. I do eat fruit because i think i can and i like it, its free after all!!! Need to ask myself if i really need it.

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