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Too much fruit?


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I just wondered what people's opinions are on eating lots of fruit?
I limit my banana intake but this week have eaten loads of strawbs, apple, nectarines,tinned apricots (juice drained and rinsed). My weight is going through the roof....can't help it, I'm a daily weigher!
Is it just water weight that will go or should I be eating less fruit?

Sorry, still new to WW and not found my feet yet!
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I also eat an awful lot of fresh fruit, I have a weakness for pineapple and grapes, like you I limit my bananas(don't know why as they are 0 pp) I tend to keep them for when I want a sweet fix!
I have only been on plan for 2 weeks so I am still finding my feet.


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Ive found im eating less fruit that I was on SW but still managing more than my 5 a day, before hand id be through 4 punnets of grapes, 3 kg bag of pears and same in apples, a 1kg bag of bananas plus satsumas, and they'd last me about 4 days!

I think theres a reason only so many is 0pp but if you're not eating them all at once you should be fine x

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My leader mentioned in a meeting one lady was struggling to lose weight and then discovered she was eating around 10-15 portions of fruit and veg a day and advised if you were eating a LOT of them then it may be worth propointing them. She did and lost the week after. I agree though, you should be okay if you spread them out :)


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Grapes and pineapple are my downfall too...

I think Delleh mentioned it in another post - it's not advisable to gorge on fruit, or believe that it's calorie free because it's 0pp and therefore eat loads. You should eat the recommended portion size on the packet/1 item of the fruit. Fruit is free only up to the point you feel satisfied.

Because I am inactive, and because I am a total fruit addict (Seriously, I spend about £15 a week on it just for myself!) I have to restrict myself to 3 small portions a day, then point the rest. I don't advise doing this, but to just be sensible as to why you're reaching for the fruit. Look at what you've eaten in the day - is it filling enough? Is it boredom?

My problem was cutting up a massive pineapple and seeing it in the tupperware pot in the fridge, I couldn't resist eating the whole bloody lot, just because it was there and 0pp!


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stop daily weighing!! Your body changes from day to day, and hour to hour... you're just gonna stress yourself weighing all of the time. Stress is bad for weightloss. Chill the heck out. You're new to ww, i understand, but you gotta have faith in the system.

re fruit... If you are losing week to week and still eating fruit then its great. Reaching for the fruit instead of the chocolate stash is always a positive thing.

If it were me, and I wasn't losing week to week, I'd probably be checking everything I had pointed, double checking I had pointed it correctly, and making sure I measure everything properly - the chances are its more likely to be portion control or pointing incorrectly at fault, as opposed to too much fruit. After thats exhausted then it would be time to consider restricting fruit.

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My problem was cutting up a massive pineapple and seeing it in the tupperware pot in the fridge, I couldn't resist eating the whole bloody lot, just because it was there and 0pp!
Mmmm now I want pineapple! :p


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Guess who cut up a pineapple earlier... tonight is gonna be HARD, it's sitting there all tasty in the fridge!

And I thoroughly recommend listening to Hannata about daily weighing and checking.. I see you used to do SW - the "free food" mentality is an obstacle when changing over!

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Give it me instead- I am pineapple-less :(
Loads of people in my meeting refer to fruit as being free; my leader must get fed up of saying "IT'S NOT FREE IT'S ZERO!" :)

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