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Too much meat?


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How much is too much? Last night I did a pot roast gammon in the slow cooker and it was sooo yummy I ate loads. About 3 times what I would consider a normal portion! I had a load of veg and 3 new potatoes with it, but still - felt I was being very naughty.

Even though it's free, can you eat too much?
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Well, technically yes but sw swears that if you were to eat every meal with 1/3 superfree then you will never eat too much (if that makes sense) my consultant always says.........'go back and have seconds, thirds or even forths but always make sure your plate is 1/3 superfree'.


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If you eat three times more than what you would consider a normal portion then you've overeaten. Because the food is free does not mean it's calorie free, it'll add up! The beauty of SW is no restriction on portions but we have to use our hunger/satiety cues. If you're stuffed and can't get up then you've eaten too much.

SW has a sneaky way of subliminally teaching us that eating HUGE amounts of food is okay, then in teeny fine print says to eat everything in moderation. Don't fall into the habit of eating huge amounts of free food because it appears SW encourages it. Bottom line is you should eat only when you're hungry and stop when you're satisfied.

So to answer your question, YES you can definitely eat too much free food!
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Also bear in mind that if you eat three times what you consider a 'normal' portion you should logically ALSO be eating three times as much Superfree. It works because it's impossible to keep on eating, eventually you will explode :D

A third superfree MEANS a third - OF EVERYTHING. You can't keep going back for seconds of meat without *also* eating seconds of superfree veg with it.


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Yes you can definitely eat too much - free food has a calorific value - though SW takes away the need to calorie count by following E/E with 1/3 Superfree filling you up - makes it difficult to eat above your daily calorie requirement.

Keep in mind you need a daily calorie deficit of 500 to total the 3500 calories needed to lose a pound a week - so no calorie deficit = no weight loss!

I'm the first to admit that I workout more in the gym so I can eat more! That's why this week I've been really watching my portion sizes as I'm desperate for a big loss this week!
As said above, totally posdible to eat too much free food. But don't worry too much about calorie deficits as it will (in my experience) eventually lead to calorie counting - and that defeats the whole point of SW! Logicslly, calorie defict maths means someone who lost 5lbs in a week (which have done once) would have had to create a Calorie deficit of 17,500 calories, or 2,500 a day - which would be impossible for most if not all of us - & especially me!

If you do the plan properly (ie stop when you are full rather than clearing your plate then you will lose weight.

Try these tips for portion control
1) ditch all your massive plates - my old housemate used to work at toby carvery & all our plate were their massive ones - its amazing how much food tou can fit on one, and then you eat it all!
2) if there are 2 if you eating, dish out your dinner into 3 portions.
3) if you're still hungry when you've finished, have a glass of water, wait 10 mins. If still hungry, have some of the 3rd portion. Most of the time you won't - in which case you have a meal for lunch the next day.


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S: 19st1lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.59%)
Thanks all, I think I matched it with the superfree as had a huge pile of carrots, green beans and baby sweetcorn, and only 3 small new potatoes. But I obviously need to remember that just because it's free doesn't mean I won't be overeating!


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Hmm, how much is too much? What is considered a "normal" portion?
I look at some peoples food pics and I would eat twice as much as they eat, in fact my 12 year old eats more than some of the pics!
If you were hungry then it's fine, if you were stuffed when you finished, try to eat a bit less.

stop thinking of things as "naughty" - you are not being naughty by following the plan and eating free food.

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