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Too much protein?

Tbh I can't help I use mfp to get an idea of cals but that's it sorry xxx
yep im always over the recommened protein aswell, just concentrate on the fat hun, thats the one that will help you lose.
Remember calories are just energy, they are not fattening aslong as some exercise is done to help wear them off.
You mean you havent moved off your bum all weekend?? I find that impossible to believe :p even walking round the house counts as exercise hun :)
I think my protein need on MFP might be higher but I really struggle as I'm fairly veggie and always used to use cheese & eggs for protein. I'm having a protein shake to try & raise my intake. I'm still enjoying pulses but have avoided nuts due to their fat content although I know others have them.
Oh yeah I've done that & walked round the supermarket but I mean proper exercise, I've been at work both days for 5 hours which hasn't helped....
All exercies is exercise, dont sell yourself short. Walking round the supermarket pushing a heavy trolley or carrying a heavy basket is hard work and burns off calories
I hope you manage to do more this week tho hun so you feel better in yourself about it x


Violet is shrinking
I wouldn't worry about the protein, you need to concentrate on the fat. A lof of people find there protein goes up as they cut out certain foods, but it's nothing to worry about, plus the chicken you ate is packed full of protein and hardly any fat, which is a good thing.

You need to think of your body as a machine, you have to create a calorie deficit to loose weight, what your body doesn't naturally use to function (basal metobolic rate bmr) you need to burn. It does help to understand that, and help get your head around it ;)

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