Extra Easy Too much superfree?


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The reason they ask for 1/3 superfree, is to balance your diet between carbs, protein and fats etc., so maybe you're just not getting enough of what you need. I suggest you go back to the 1/3...or even half.


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Yes it is possible. Superfree foods are very low in calories so if you are eating a lot more superfree than free foods you may not be taking in enough calories.

If you are exercising you need to make sure you are eating and drinking enough too.

Do you have your syns? Make sure you are having around 10 a day.

Try posting your food diary and perhaps we can offer some advice


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Im glad you asked this as I would have never thought in a million years that having too much superfree could be a bad thing. I often load up on superfree and its very rare that my plate ony has 1/3 and although its not affected me yet, its only my 3rd week.


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I thought superfree would only work against you if you were eating for the sake of it, not because you're hungry. But thinking about it I've known a lot of people who hit major blips on SW & then reaslise its because they're not eating enough/taking in enough calories!


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If you don't give your body what it needs (inc protein, carbs, calcium etc) your body will hold onto whats be given. This is esp if you are exercising loads.
Remember sw isn't a get slim quick diet - its teaching you how to eat healthly for the rest of your lifes. so you don't have to cut down/remove a food group & you can have treats and YOU WILL loose weight!