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tooo much water?


Can hug her knees :)
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I drink loads and loads of water, when you first start drinking more, you pee loads but I found once my body was used to it I can drink 5lts and go like I used to, I imagine it's the same for everyone xx


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Yeah you do pee a lot, but find it settles down after a good few weeks. Either that or i'm used to it!!! Hugs x x x


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it does settle down but i am still a night waker now as i drink so much through the day! BOO! I love my sleep as well so i hate having it desterbed by toilet breaks! lol
The water will do you a lot of good though so keep going! :D


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Honestly - I wee... get back to my desk... five minutes later, I feel like another wee!! I'm up and down these stairs like a yo-yo.

It's crazzzeeee.

But soooo worth it!! lol

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I used to pee loads while on the diet, my water intake was the same as everyone else I guess.

Which reminds me, as soon as I was off the diet I stopped drinking as much fluid, and have only been having maybe four cups of tea/coffee a day. How much fluid *should* I be drinking; two litres per day?


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I Weeeee loads and loads and i keep thinking its all fat flushing wee. I wake in the night too now and wake in the morning with almost tummy ache from a full bladder.

It doesn't help that i am a rep, i now know every supermarket and motorway services on my patch and even then i end using my customers loo's too i have been about 8 times today.

But drinking plenty water is key to the weight loss

xxxJS xxx


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Ipee loads too the ladies i work with actually find it amusing how often i go and worry when i dont... it will slow down. and i can finally "make it" throught the night without getting up which is always good!

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