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  1. MorbidBubblewrap

    MorbidBubblewrap Is thinking positive!

    I really do not know what to do, I have had really bad toothpain where I had a filling done last month it is throbbing like mad...I cannot drink cold or warm water, Or even drink my shakes as it is that painful it sets it off with the aching and throbbing, I feel so so down today :( I rang the dentist and told them my situation and they have booked me in as soon as they could for Friday morning, And they have taken my number just incase someone cancels there appointment tomorrow...I am feeling so pissed off :mad: What am I gonna do until Friday without my shakes and water? *AARRGGHH*
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  3. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

    arr hun have you tried pouring yaself a glass of water and leaving it on the side to get to room temputure the best thing i find for tooth ache is paracetomol and bonjela hun you could try that see if it helps so you can drink ya shakes, i keep my fingers crossed that you get seen sooner then fri xxxx
  4. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    sounds like an absess hun as you said about hot and cold being painful - hope you feel better soon.

    i know the cold hurts it, but when i had one, i was advised to put ice in a towel and hold it to my cheek where the pain was, and surprisingly it does work. xxx
  5. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Ah hun, you poor love! I sympathise coz I had a wisdom tooth out last month and was in absolute agony for over a week! Take painkillers and hopefully when they are working you can get your shakes down and some water.

    Good luck babe.

  6. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  7. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    how you feeling today hun? xx
  8. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Just what I was thinking Vicky.

    Have you managed to get your shakes down you hun? Just one more day till your dental appointment, keep knocking back the painkillers.


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