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Top 5 items in my shopping basket!

Wondered if anyone has any favourites they can't live without on SW! My top 5 products are...

1. frozen summer fruit berries, Tesco
2. meringue nests (only 2.5 syns each!)
3. frozen chopped onion - for easy cooking
4. Choc skinny cow ice creams - only 4.5 syns and so yummy!!
5. tin tomatoes - for syn free sauces

Hope to get some inspiration from you all for my shopping!

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I had to put 6 down!!:

1. Muller Lights (free and hit that sweet spot!)
2. Shreddies cereal (the only breakfast choice that I like and keeps me full)
3. Bananas (great snack food for on the go)
4. Pasta N Sauce (free food, yummy, filling, quick to make)
5. Tofu (I'm veggie, its free on green, and I don't like Quorn)
6. Eggs (can make so many free meals with it, and hard boiled eggs are great for snacking on!)

Good thread, and we may get ideas :D

1. Cottage cheese
2. Muller yogs
3. Meat, of all varieties (I do mainly red)
4. Sweet chill dipping sauce, goes great with salmon.
5. Huge variety of fruit and veg.
6. Quorn

Gosh, mine sounds boring lol

K xx


loves food and cooking
Ok - thinks... this is tricky :rolleyes:

1. 0% Total Greek yoghurt - expensive but worth every penny - breakfast
2. eggs
3. fresh berries - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries - I love berries! If they are on offer I buy them :D
4. potatoes - Maris Piper - just *so* many things to do with potatoes
5. chicken bovril - almost the only stock I use now, and I couldn't make my soups without it.


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Ok here are my top 5!

1 Diet coke
2 Strawberrys!!!!!
3 ASDA tinned chick pea dahl (my replacement for a curry when hungover!)
4 Tinned toms - essential cooking ingredient!
5 Baked Beans (Easy lunch to take to work and it gets my SS in for the day!)
Oooh! So tricky to choose!

1. Diet Coke!
2. Quorn
3. Pasta n' Sauce
4. Berries
5. Apples (delish when sliced and dipped into muller yogs! :D)


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1. Muller light yoghurts- currently have around 30 in the fridge! eek!
2. Cottage cheese
3. Tuna in a can
4. Bananas
5. Dairylea extra low fat cheese slices- only 1syn!


Desperate to be slim!
Hmmm.... this is tricky... like Indieflower, I can think of 10 straight away!!!
1: Bananas
2: Raspberries
3: Mullerlight
4: Chicken
5: Superfree/speed veg for my lunchtime soups. Yummy!!
1) - Quorn sausages - great to snack on when hungry and free
2) - Sweet & Sour mugshots - again free on EE and Green
3) - Salad stuff as we have that with every meal
4) - Melon - I love it and it's just so sweet
5) - Batcheloes Fat Free Noodles - go with anything and are great cooked and then stir fry in fry light, onions, garlic and chilli to give them a kick


ww brown danish

tinned toms/onions/peppers/mushrooms (see what I did there..was it cheating?)

tinned fish (good for on toast or in salads)
her gos mine are 1:eggs
3:cottage cheese


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oooh difficult!

Low fat fromage frais
Potatoes- especially big baking ones
Carrots, in stews, salad, and soup with coriander

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