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Tortilla wraps can get up to syn values as high as 8 and 10!! - I was gutted when I found this out as I love chicken fahitas and similar dishes.

I stick to Weight Watchers tortilla wraps which are just 5 syns each on all plans - although if anyone knows of anything at all lower in syns I'd be grateful! x


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If you do a search in the syn values sub-forum (your post will be moved there anyway) there is a full list of syn values for all kinds of wraps.
You could still have some :)

SW allows for 5-15 syns per day - if I know I'm going to be having fahitas for tea I just restrict my syns through the day. I might have a few syns and save 10 for two WW wraps..or have a syn free day and allow myself three wraps (15 syns).

The key is just to plan - you can still enjoy your favourites! x
I eat Weight Watchers wraps about 3 times a week, only 5 syns and it doesn't really matter that they're not HEX cos that leaves me a HEX for something else eg the chicken or whatever in your fajitas.

I use the Tesco seeded ones at 8 syns if Im making pizza, again the topping can be free or HEX.
I know it's not quite the same but if you can get a chinese leaf (it's like a cabbage) and then make your wraps in them?

You can still have all the nice fillings then and even have some syns left for sour cream or guacamole :)
Jackie you're right - I remember reading this somewhere.

Basically it is just a really really thin omelette, rolled up with your filling just like a tortilla wrap.

Although they are free, I would still restrict yourself on how many of these you eat. They might be free, but they still contain calories - you dont want to over-indulge too much as it could hinder your weight loss. Worth a try though!
I might have to try them, I love the big ones cos theyre so buttery, but they were so high I use the WW ones, but if Im having small anyway I might as well have the tasty one :)

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