Totally blown it! :o(


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Well, I have well and truely fallen off the wagon. I weighed in yesterday and found I'd only lost a pound again this week, so I felt quite disheartened about that, but I decided to stick with it and keep going....until I was home alone last night!


I stuck to my points all day, then my OH went out to the pub, my little girl was sound asleep in bed and I was sat in the lounge trying to watch tv - but I couldn't concentrate on anything I was watching because I was really stewing about my weight and how badly it's affecting me (for example - I've hardly left the house since the new year because I'm just too uncomfortable in the my clothes and I just can't be bothered to 'make the effort' to get ready to go out when it always results in my looking and feeling awful!). So, after a little cry (and remembering that this is at 9pm last night and after I'd eaten my points for the day) I hit the kitchen!!

I ate a peanut butter sandwich, 4 chocolate hobnobs, a packet of crisps and a massive glass of Baileys with ice! Then I went to bed and cried some more because I felt so bad for eating it when I KNOW it would just make me feel worse in the long run...which it did. I woke up this morning, had my all bran for breakfast and measured out my milk for the day...then I sat down and starting thinking about it all again. So I yet again I found myself back in the kitchen eating my OH's sandwiches that he forgot to take to work AGAIN, followed by a choc hobnob, a packet of crisps, a Fox low fat bar and my daughters milky bar buttons (it's shameful isn't it, I've even resorted to steeling my babies sweets!!...not that she's really allowed them anyway, but that's not the point, they were bought for her not for me!).

So now I'm really angry with myself, I feel really really really really down and all I want to do is cry (and eat).

I'm gonna try and get back on it tomorrow, but my attitude is far from positive at the moment....why can't I do this?!! I've only been following the diet for 3 weeks and already I've given up?! Why can't I do this?! It's no wonder I'm so f***** fat!!!!

I'm gonna try and get out the house for a bit now, for my daughters sake (she doesn't need to see me stuffing my face and wallowing in self pity).

Bye for now people.

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Oh Marie - ((((hugs))) we have all been where you are - whatever diet you are on.

Could you talk to your OH and ask him if he can bring in a treat for you every night - then don't keep anything remotely nice in the cupboards.

I don't know what else to suggest - but hate the idea of you being so upset. Enjoy your walk with your little girl - it is a lovely crisp day here ..... and then come back and start again in a positive frame of mind. Hope someone else comes up with more practical suggestions. If all else fails come on here - don't sit there crying.


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Hi Marie,

All is not lost and remember you have done very well for three whole weeks.

That was last night and this morning you can pull it back from there.

Why wait until tomorrow, start now and begin pointing from here for today.

Make yourself something nourishing and nice with your points so that you will not feel deprived.

A walk would help to clear your head and it has been shown that a 30 minute walk a day helps with mild depression as does exercise.

You can not go putting your life on hold until your slim again.

Life does not wait, it keeps going...

I don't see you as a failure and I am sure no one else does either. You had a small blip...your human.

Get rid of all temptation out of the house if you can as it will be there calling your name.

:cry: Dry those tears and keep going, you can do this.

It is one step at a time and you will get there and when you fall you pick yourself up and move to the next one.

Beating yourself up will not solve anything but reinforce your negative feelings.

Plan out ahead of time what you will eat for the coming week and husband can eat the same but slightly larger quantities, it will be good for him as well.:)


Love Mini xxx


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Swetheart it's not the end of the world! I promise!

First of all I'm actually impressed, as if that were me I would have had the whole pack of hobnobs, not just four!

Like Mini says, don't wait until tomorrow, start again now! Have a healthy dinner, and a healthy low point supper (bowl of cereal or something).

Sounds to me like you need to plan your points out more. If it helps, here's what I do:

First of all I decide on an approximate amount of points for each meal. I'm on 22 a day, so it's something like 5 for breakfast, 7 for dinner (at lunch time) and the 5 for tea. Then I've still saved a couple of points so I can have a nice supper.

Once I've decided the (approximate) amount of points for each meal, I have a notebook. In this notebook I have listed different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners within the point range I've given myself. I've also got a page for snacks and what I can have for different points.

I generally plan my main meals out for the week on a Thursday (food shopping day on a Friday), and then write that list and stick to it! So I know exactly what I'm having for my main meal each night!

Then at the end of the day I have a quick look back in my journal, over the last few days to see what I've eaten, and then I plan to have a completely different breakfast and tea the following day. That way when I get up I have an idea of what I'm having for breakfast, and I know what I'm having for dinner. I have to admit tea is generally something I decide on at the time, but I have my list to help me out with that, and again I look back to see what I've had previously and have something completely different.

Doing it this way means I have enough for a nice supper (usually a hot chocolate and some coco pops, although sometimes a cake instead), which is something I look forward to, and if I want a treat I can have it!

You haven't blown it or ruined it, just had a blip. You're human, it happens to everyone! Please don't beat yourself up over it! <<hug>>


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Hey Marie

I see you are in Hampshire, why don't you try to join us in the afternoon on Saturday, in the Holiday Inn foyer at Gunwharf Quays at 3pm? It will give you something to look forward to and meet some of the guys on here?

Hope you can make it?


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Hey Marie

I see you are in Hampshire, why don't you try to join us in the afternoon on Saturday, in the Holiday Inn foyer at Gunwharf Quays at 3pm? It will give you something to look forward to and meet some of the guys on here?

Hope you can make it?

How about it? It might help you feel less isolated if you get to meet fellow 'strugglers' in the flesh - it might make it more 'real'.

Most of us haven't met before so don't feel intimidated or shy ... I'm looking forward to putting faces to the names I see posting on here - why not come along and have a laugh and some 'you' time amongst people who know what you're going through? :)


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Hi Marie

Sorry to read that you have had a blip and feeling so rotten. We have all done it at some point, so know how you are feeling. Its great that you have been able to come and post about it. We are all here to try help you get through this and back on track.

Great advice all ready given but just wanted to add...

7lbs in 3 weeks is a fantastic weight loss.!! Please dont doubt that. I know you want to see quicker results, but 7lb is good going.

When I did WW years ago thats how much I used to loose, I would have a good weight loss week, followed by 2 lesser ones, and then the 3rd week it would be a bigger one again. Always it would be about 7lb total in 3 weeks.

Interestingly even on CD (after initial quick losses in first few weeks) I settled down to an average of 7lbs in 4 weeks.

Please please dont give up on yourself. Put this blip behind you, and start over. You can do it. You owe it to yourself.

Take a big breath and plan your next few days eating. Just stick with it and it will work. Honest!!! :)

When you get those major munchie attacks, can you find something to distract yourself with. When I did WW years ago I took up cross stitch and did some wonderful ones, that kept me out of the kitchen. It helped a great deal. I got so absorbed with doing it that i forgot all about those things calling out to be eaten.

Chin up Marie.

Start over, and put it behind you.

Big hugs

Deb x


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Thanks for all your comments...I wish I'd read all that before stuffing 2 more peanut butter sandwiches down my neck :eek:

I know 7lb is 3 weeks is a good loss, and when you look at it like that it makes me feel really stupid for complaining, but it's the '1lb a week' that got to me rather than the overall result. I guess that's the key - think long term.

I think it's safe to say that today is well and truly stuffed, I feel terrible and I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, but tomorrow I'm going to make a real effort to get back on it AND exercise! It looks as though this week my only target can really be not to gain, there's no chance of a loss now, which means bang goes my January challenge target :(

Tomorrow is a new day eh - I will spend the rest of today and tonight working on my frame of mind and trying to perk myself up a big.

Thanks so much people, you've no idea how much I appreciate your support.




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Tomorrow is another day ............ and hoping you feel better tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed your walk anyway!


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If your weigh in day is Wednesday you still have plenty of time to work those naughty things off and still see a loss. I think one of the most important things we all need to learn is 'look to the long term - the big picture'. Stuffing ourselves for one day did not make us fat and starving for one day will not make us thin. But, a gentle loss, even a very good loss of 7lbs every 3 -4 weeks is what makes a difference. Soon 7lbs becomes 10, then a stone, then a stone and a bit and before we know it we are on our way. YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY! Just believe and it will come true, not overnight, because we are talking reality here not dreams, but slowly and surely it will come, despite the odd day when you ate things you shouldn't!
So chin up, try and pack in some extra exercise tomorrow and stick with your points - count yourself in a proper treat that you can really enjoy and wait to see the new you appear. She will, just be nicer to her and give her the time she needs.

Lots of love Barb xx


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Marie. I think we've all been where you are just now. What you need to focus on is the fact you lost 7lbs in 3 weeks, thats brilliant by anyones standards. Please DONT let the past day put you totally off, dont give up!!

You chose the best day of the week to 'fall off the wagon' you have ages before your next weigh in :) Plenty time to get back into things. Just keep this in mind and dont be too disheartened if you dont lose this week.

Is your hubby supporting you in this? If he is, and even if hes not maybe you should ask him to help you by making his own sandwiches for a while and remove unneccesary temptation.

Come on here if youre tempted, either post in here or go to the arcade and play some games :)

Keep writing your diary! I find that really really helps me.

Just remember tomorrow is another day and youre starting with a fresh page



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:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I haven't stopped eating for the past 2-3 days, I'm gonna be right back where I started by my weigh day on Wednesday.

Why do I always do this?! I was doing so well, yet even that wasn't enough to stop me stuffing my face!

I opened a bottle of wine tonight to help me sleep, but now I'm half cut and I feel even worse so I'll probably be awake half the night trying to work out why I'm like this...where's my will power?!!

I sooooo want to be slim enough to feel comfortable with myself, more than why do I keep doing this to myself?! WHY?!

I'm now going to bed feeling sick from all the food/chocolate I've eaten today. Good going eh.

I know my weight makes me miserable yet I still insist on stuffing my face when I get really down about it! I know it doesn't help and I know that's what got me here in the first place, so why on earth do I keep doing it?! It doesn't make any sense!!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


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Marie I wish I knew what to say to you.

I know from a personal point of view that my downfalls in the past have started exactly where you are. I do really well then have a hiccup and thats it I go totally off my diet. Usually I dont come back til several stones later :(

Set yourself a date again, Sunday maybe to start again. But see it as that - starting again. Just weigh yourself and start from there, dont dwell on anything youve put on etc The main thing is you still want to lose the weight you just have to get back on track.

Dont let this be the end of your efforts - youve done so well, and you can do it again.

Remember we're all here to help too



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Thanks Starlight - you're right, I need to start over.

I wish I'd just kept logging onto here for support, but instead I just posted that I'd fallen off the wagon then disappeared to eat myself silly....if I'd stuck around and talking it out then I probably could have picked myself up after just one small hiccup.

Still, I know for next time...I just need to keep posting and keep reading, that'll keep me on the straight and narrow (I hope).

I do hate feeling like this though, it's so horrible to feel like you've let yourself down (as well as letting other people down - ie my OH, my daughter, even my parents who were initially really supportive!). But I'm back on it...I'm going to throw away the choc etc before I go to bed and tip away the rest of the wine, so tomorrow will be a new day with no temptations in reach!


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I never even knew there were arcade games on here until you said that!

I'll have to have a good look at them tomorrow :p

Thank you :)

Night x