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  1. Tinsel

    Tinsel Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Went for weigh in last week and lost....1 pound yes i know you cant lose masses every week, however week before was a low weight loss ish too, so came away thinking this week its gonna be a big loss, however thurs night rolled round and i had chicken and salad with fat free dressing (not hungry just thought sod it) 1st meal, fri came round daytime fine no probs, came home had my shake / coffee / water then some more chicken and salad?????? then oh god a flipping bagel with butter (old eating habits came back with a vengenance) so sat fine no probs thought yes I can do ths no prob, today went shopping watched my OH eat a sausage sandwich whilst i had tetra coffee and bar, fine fine had shake for tea, then OH has made a big pasta dish and i've just ate loads out of dish, crikey what is going on with me, why has it got to week 7 and i've totally gone off the rails, has this happened to anyone else at this stage of the diet, I would've had thought I would have got to grips with it by now, i'm confused and now frightenedabout getting weighed, i'm sure if I do it until thirs am I can stay the same bu i'm frightened that staying the same will trigger me again for next week

    oh man.....

    sorry just had to type this down
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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Have you worked out that you're losing at an average rate of 4 lbs a week!? :eek: You're doing brilliantly and you really mustn't sabotage it now.

    Our bodies are often strange things - we can do the same thing week after week but lose at very different rates. It happens to all of us. The important thing is not to focus on what you lose each week, but to average it out (say) over a month. The average loss on CD is a stone a month - and you're more than achieving that so don't give up on it now :)

    Good luck!
  4. alybongo

    alybongo Full Member

    I've just seen your weight loss so far and really impressed. You would not have got these results on any other diet. So you came off the rails. You need to put it behind you and get re -motivated. Go back and look at the success stories. I bet they all came off the rails at some point.
    I am only on day 5 and if I have your success so far I will be so proud of myself. Believe me you are an inspiration to us newbies. Please keep going.
  5. semi_skimmed

    semi_skimmed Full Member

    well your not alone with this, at least you have gone this far without cheating. im only on day 7 and i ended up going for a romantic weekend with my boyfriend this weekend, and had a chicken salad subway and...erm....a bottle of vodka!! (through the course of the night, its a food problem i have not a drink problem haha)
    i felt so so bad yesterday. but i thought to myself there is no point dwelling on it and to start again, so yesterday whilst my other half had a full english breakfast to cure the hangover, i dug out my tetra and have carried on since then!
    i just think to myself, as long as im strong enough to go back to the diet the next day, then its not the end of the world. i know its not the best way of looking at it but i think if i went on this diet without a tiny treat every few weeks, id go insane!
    i know i messed up but as long as you promise to yourself that starting today you will not look at food then you will feel so much better for it. you've done so well so far..keep it up!!
  6. Tinsel

    Tinsel Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hiya everyone, thanks so much for your advice, i've came to work focused had my coffee with tetra and made up a vanilal shake - hot mmm and came on here on my lunch to boost me along

    thanks everyone xx and good luck to you all
  7. NooNoo1966

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    Cambridge diet
    I had 2 weeks on 790 - stuck to it religiously - and lost 1/2 lb each week! I was well gutted to say the least but do you know what during those 2 weeks a few people asked me whether I had lost weight when previously despite losing almost 3 stone - nobody said a thing - weird or what! Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture of your overall weightloss to give yourself a huge pat on the back!
  8. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member


    Can I first of all say, well done on your weight loss so far, you must be thrilled. I have re-started today having started last Monday for 2 complete days and then blowing it all away cos I got some bad news and reached for the vodka and food. I'm very ashamed but am determined to get back to it.

    What I'm saying is, you've done so well, I'm sure you'll get back to it.

    Good luck.

  9. tracy2421

    tracy2421 Full Member

    hi i had a bad day yest too, was daughters 17th birthday so had kfc, birthday cake and a piece of lemon meringue, not feeling to great today either but trying to focus on the 24lb lost over last 6 weeks so gona put it behind me and get focused again and back on track,
  10. Tinsel

    Tinsel Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    tracy2421 i've just looked at your weight loss and though WOW 24 pounds in 6 weeks yet i look at mine and think 24 pound i couldve done better, why do we do this to ourselves..... we are very critical of ourself arent we
  11. Heffa

    Heffa Full Member

    There are a few threads on here explaining about the body holding onto its fat stores and its water.
    That may help you realise the body is adjusting.
    Also, look at my stats - week 4 - I lost 1 lb - yippee, big deal. I was fed up, but I kept going and lost another stone. I've had another couple of rubbish weeks, but if I'd have given up I wouldn't have lost any more.
    Don't give up, you are worth it.
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