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Totally messed up and shouldnt have : (

After finding out I put a pound on with being excellent on the diet this week I ended up going all out today, started off the morning well and then my bf offered to take mr for dinner and well of course I said yes and from that I thought it would be fine to just eat bad things in the afternoon too! Well that pound is well and truly put on now plus some more I guess, great! My life on diets is a vicious circle, I don't deserve to be slim : (
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Just brush it off and try again tomorrow. It may sound daft but then at least your trying and not giving in completely. I know its not easy but try and forget it or even better learn from it. (also sneaky midweek weighs are bad for self asteem, dont do it if you can help it.) :)
Ah thanks for that, since then and feeling guilty I just done 30 mins on my exercise bike!! Lol. But as you said I'm just gonna start a fresh tomorrow and not even look back. Hopefully I wouldn't of made too much of a gain though!
Look hun i'll be honest. Falling off the wagon occasionally isn't what makes us put on weight, its giving up after we fall.
If you get right back on the next day you'll probably put on 2lb but lose 5lb during the rest of the week.

I'm on slimfast but I come off it every weekend because I know we go out as family and it'll be impossible to stick to and i'm still losing weight (a bit slower but losing) weekly. I'm finding those 2 naughty days arn't enough to undo all the dieting i've been doing during the week.
Plus its easier to get into if you know you'll give yourself a treat on a set day.

I'm not advertising cheating on any diet just saying what works for me and i'm still losing and i'm cheating every week then you have nothing to worry about x
You can do it. I've not fallen off the wagon, but I haven't lost weight in 10 days n im getting super irritated everyone is telling me to just stuck with it as well


Crawling to the finish!
mandy0206 said:
You can do it. I've not fallen off the wagon, but I haven't lost weight in 10 days n im getting super irritated everyone is telling me to just stuck with it as well
Why does that irrite you? Just curious x


Crawling to the finish!
Ohhh I read it as your Orestes because ppl are trying to support you haha. Don't worry keep at it, you've Dow very well to last 11 days with a stay the same I normally get disheartened after just a few :0) your defiantly doing something right x
Thank you... ya I appriciate the support. Deft not irritated about that.
Im not sure if its in inches either. I don't see a difference yet. A lil in my face n that's bout it. Its super frustrating when u r doing everything the same n right n lost weight, n now im not. I just wanna no what ppl do to jeep them selves encouraged n not to give up... im almost at the point


Crawling to the finish!
Why don't you surprise your body and do a completely different exercise one day? It may give it a boot :0) x
What sort of stuff are you having for your evening meal? Maybe a carbs boost might kick your metabolism so have some brown rice or wholemeal pasta? Or cut down on the carbs if you are already eating them? Basically change things around to get your body guessing :D

I did that philly advert recipe last night with a bit of pasta, some prawns, light sweet chilli philly and a splash of milk and it was yummy :p
I've done tons of different meals. Maybe ill stay away from carbs cuz I've had a bit. I don't eat fast food, junk nothing bad. My 2 shakes n 2 k bars and a 500 calorie diet. Small portions if it exceeds 500 calories. Ill just boost my work out up to 1000 calories burned and try that ..
Sorry to the lady who posted this. Kind of got over taken but if your in a similar boat hope this helped as well

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