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Totally off topic, but I'm in need a rant!!...

Selling property must be the most stressful thing in the world!!!!!!

I had a flat on the market since Jan, it's now 'sold' THREE times and fallen through everytime!!!!

The first time....it sold within a week, then 7 weeks into the sale the buyer apparently had to move away with the army (yeah right!) and pulled out, just a week or so before we were due to complete!

The 2nd time...it sold again within a week, then again a couple of weeks before we should have been completing it fell through again because my buyer lost her buyer. She then tried to buy it again, but she was in a really long chain with her sale so I had no choice but to say no and put the place back on the market.

The 3rd time...it sold this time before it was even put back on the market...so I just called to chase it all up and make sure we're still ok to complete within the next couple of weeks and now I'm told that my 'buyer' hasn't even instructed his solicitor!!!! So not only will we not be completing within the next couple of weeks but I don't even know if we still have a buyer or not!!!!


We now have to pay another mortgage payment next week, as well as pay the next 6 months worth of ground rent and maintenance charges, so after that we will already have paid out nearly £2500 on an empty flat!!!!! We are a 3 person family living on 1 wage, so just surviving on 'normal' bills is a struggle, this is just killing us financially!!!! I am SO angry and stressed! I just want to cry!!! :cry::cry:

How can no one (ie the damned estate agent!) not have checked such an important thing?! What exactly do they do for their extortionate commission?!!! I've already left 2 messages for the manager to call me back, as has my solicitor, and she's not bothered to contact either of us yet! When she does.....


I'm absolutely furious!!!!!



Sorry, that was a really boring thread, but I just needed to vent somewhere, sorry peeps :eek:
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The Diet Guy
We are selling at the minute and it seems a bloody minefield and I do feel for you.

Jo had someone Saturday ask her what we would take for the house so Jo said "make us an offer" so they said they would, then on Monday the estate agent called to say they want a much bigger house and didn't like ours!! Why then ask what we want for it!!

Anyway hope you sell it very soon, could you rent it out in the short term to get in some money? Maybe do a 3 month lease while it goes through ?

Awww Marie Im so sorry its fallen through again, this flat is a nightmare for you *HUGS*

The English system of chains is just totally mad, I cant understand it at all. least up here what happens elsewhere on the chain has no bearing on your deal.

As Mike said, is a short term lease worth considering?

Cant really offer any advice at all but I do feel for you, I know what a pain this is

Thank you x

We can't really let it out again a) because it puts buyers off and we need to sell it asap so we can put the money towards a bigger house for ourselves and b) because it would make the past 6 months and all the money we've already lost on it seem like a big waste of time. I think the only real option we have is to grin and bare it whilst we find ANOTHER buyer and wait for it to go through.

I'm just so angry about it. OH is worrying about it too, but when he worries he goes all quiet on me and bottles it up - which mean he eventually explodes and it turns into an even bigger deal than it already is...the silent treatment and staring into space has already started, so I'm gonna try and keep my distance from him for now. He doesn't do 'talking' when it comes to stress/feelings etc (annoyingly!).

I am just so tired of worrying about it.


Aww Marie, really sorry to hear that :hug99:, what a complete nightmare for you. I personally haven't had much experience with it all as when we brought this house we were first time buyers and it was empty, although at some point we're going to have to move as it's only a 2 bed and now we've got a boy and a girl it won't be long until we have to start looking around.
I can totally understand how much of a strain financially it must be on you, we're a family of 4 relying on hubby's wage which is a struggle without having extra things to pay out for.
It's horrible when you're totally reliant on people to 'keep to their end of the bargain' and there's nothing you can do about it.
Really hope you sell it quickly and this time it runs smoothly for you.
I hope your OH doesn't bottle it up too much, my hubby doesn't really talk too much about if he's feeling stressed, just as well we know them isn't it.
Thinking of you love :hug99: