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Totally OT: I am really angry & need to vent (Tax credits)

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Wohoo it's me, angry at Tax Credits system again.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I dutifully rang them last month to tell them that DD2's childcare costs had gone DOWN. BIG MISTAKE.
They went and checked with the Nursery (no idea how / where / head office? some random branch?), who apparently had no record of DD2 ever having attended :confused:, so Tax Credits will now completely disregard that element of my claim.:(
Rang to fix it, but NO - now I must 'appeal' they will send me a pack of paperwork through the post. I could just send them an invoice or two directly, much simpler.
The thing is at the moment I think that element of our claim is probably nearly cancelled out 'because of your income' BUT I am worried they will backdate it to 2007 when DD2 started Nursery. We already owe them enough in overpayment because the system is so CRAP :(:(:mad:

I wonder how people manage who are really relying on these payments - not very well I suspect.

Grrr - rant over thanks for listening. I guess I'll hopefully be able to get a letter from the Nursery, I have the invoices but not all of course, amyeb 2 recent ones. If that's not enough I give up. thing is we still need to repay a sizeable overpayment from past years when my employment status kept changing, so I can't just end the claim or I'll be issued with a bill for £1000 :eek: on the spot I suspect
They also did this to us in April on Pension payments - DH has a private pension which is deducted after he's paid. Suddenly they turn around saying 'oh no we go by the figure on your P60, you can;t just deduct that' (it says in the instructions that you should) SO if they DO, and have access to P60 figures - why do we have to send it in after doing all the calculations ourselves!! Here too we needed to suddenly prove it all.

A turnaround with the new government, okay they check, but they do it in a not very helpful way, and never explain. :sigh:

* * Thinking calm thoughts - today was going to be a nice day * *

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I have no idea what tax credits are!

My other half has received twelve new tax codes in the past six weeks. Sometimes two different ones in the same postal delivery from two different tax centres. Worse still, he's not a UK tax payer.

We're collecting them... if we get too cross with them, we'll let the TV programme Watchdog know - they did a piece on them last month.

All these letters being produced in error, and postage costs too, are costing the UK tax payers a FORTUNE...

Not my problem obviously, but ...!


Dukan Ancestor!!
S: 76kg C: 66.3kg G: 64kg BMI: 22.9 Loss: 9.7kg(12.77%)
Thanks Jo,

wow that's quite amazing!

I know I'm not the only one finding fault with the system but it's always so annoying being branded a fraud! And always being on the defensive... Especially when I'm being helpful and doing as I'm told.

Anyway - let's close this thread.


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Grrrr hope it gets sorted Anja.

Jo I came home to a letter from the tax office to say I underpaid last year due to health care payments, except I opt out of private healthcare At work as I don't want to pay the extra tax, and anyway this year I'm getting no tax free allowance so how they can take even more from me next year is insane.


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