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TOTM - A question for the girls (post-Foundation)

I've ummed and ahhhed about whether to post this so here goes.

My periods stopped...oooh, a long time ago. And they haven't come back. I am seeing an acpuncturist (TTC) and he was convinced they would come back soon, especially after all his work on that area. But still nothing. And with no cycle, there can be no...baby!

For the long-termers, did your periods stop too? If so, for how long? When in the programme did they come back?

If your cycle stopped, did it stop everything else ie normal hormonal swings and roundabouts, if you know what I mean?!!

I keep saying I feel like a husk of a woman in all senses - tired, worn out, empty, blah blah blah. Just a teeny tiny bit anxious (as in every day!) that my cycle won't return. I've had a few phantom cycles - with the associated pain (nice, thanks!) but nothing more.

Would really appreciate to hear other women's experiences.


Mrs Lxxxx

PS started Foundation in February, think I started Development in late May/June and then Route to Management in August.
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My periods didn't stop but in foundation I had 2 per month (NIIICE). After foundation they have gone back to being monthly and regular but where they used to last 6 days, they now disappear after 3 (I'm not complaining!) and are very light. I still get a lot of other symptoms like breast pain and bloating though as well as far worse PMS than I ever had before. I'd say LL has definitely affected them.

Hope yours come back soon. :)
I was regular upto April and then have had nothing. I have been eating food since the 29th May and still nothing.

I am a little anxious as I want to try for another baby at the end of this year but no chance of that if I dont get it back.

I am not pregnant as that was the first thing I checked.

Sorry dont have an answer but I am in the same boat so to speak so interested in what others have found.

My friend who started at the same time has not had any problems with this. Weird how the body works hey.

Hello Mrs L
My experience (although not a long-termer). I started LL on 11th April this year with my period on the 1st April. I then stopped having any periods or any symptoms. I started RTM on the 6th August and my period started 3 days ago - straight back to normal. I was amazed at my bodys programming - very low calories, no periods, slightly more calories, periods. I hope yours start soon too.
Best wishes


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Started Jan 7th
Periods like clockwork on the 28 days for the first time in my life and then suddenly on the 30th May one came 2 weeks early and I haven't had once since. I assumed that they would have started by now.

If they're not back by week 9 of mgmt (4 weeks after pulses and simple starchy veg are added) I'm seeing my GP.


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S: 18st7.8lb G: 11st0lb
Mine are much the same as usual just with more PMT, I have been on LL for 205 days now. Try not to worry I am sure they will come back its probably just a sympton of your body going through the shock it has on this diet.

I know you have mentioned that you have been trying to conceive so are you sure you are not pregnant? I know it is one of the things they mention once we have lost a lot of weight that conception can be easier.

Could you check with your counsellor what the official LL line is on this? Or mention it to your own Doctor? I hope it all settles down for you soon anyway.

Big hugs
I am nearing the end of foundation and mine have been regular as clockwork no real chnage in time or intensity. The only change I have noticed is that I don't have the same mood swings or craving of sweet things the week before. The only time I did have the craving thing was the week after my holiday which I assume was something to do with eating.

We have also been trying for a baby for 2 - 3 years with no success (I had a miscarriage 18 months ago) but age is not on my side although my husband is younger, so am hoping that the weight loss will help as they say it will.

I wish you all the best and hope they return soon.:hug99:


has started again!!
Mine have always been regular 28 day cycle, with no perceived diff on LL. however, my PMT has been much much more pronounced!! (Poor Steve!)

Went on the pill about 3 months ago, but now have headaches again after none for months, so stopping that once again. In the throes of PMT right now...grrrrrrrrr!!

Seriously, hope all gets sorted for you soon. Its horrid not knowing whats going on.


I SS'd for 8 months solidly. My periods stopped just after half way through and came back about 3 or 4 months after eating.

It's normal for periods to stop on VLCD's.
Thanks, everyone; slightly alarmed by 3-4 months delay in returning but that's only because age is not on my side for the first baby (years of TTC). :(

Oh well, my body will do what's right for it; sadly, know without a shadow of a doubt that I am not pregnant. :( :(


Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

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