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TOTM! [Warning! Girl-Talk Content!] Lol...

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ok... soooo, I can't help but notice, a number of us seem to have become in sync, you know, 'totm' wise! :girlpower:

It's a weird one... and sorry if anyone feels it's a bit too personal... but currently it's me, Jezebella, Magiclove... and I think there are more! Lol...

Is it coincidence?! Or have we somehow become psychically linked since posting on this here crazy forum?! :confused:

/Feel free to add your name if it's you too, just for fun!... ;)

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol... I think you're on to something J... Spoooooooky!!

/Knew there was something funny in them things! hehehe...


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
:8855: You're so gross!! And yet so funny!! Lol!!

/[email protected]'censor me'!!!

Lmao, i think you've made my morning. Couldnt stop laughing then. I was last week :(


is Magdalicious
Just like if you work with a lot of females your cycles will eventually sync.
I'm almost done (after a week...sigh).
Can almost feel my body releasing the water retention..

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Ready For Change!
Count me in too..... wierd! lol

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!


...NOW I'm freaked out!! :eek: Lol...

We're so in tune girlies!...

/Sorry Cass, you're timing's a little off!... maybe next month though! hehe... ;)



Ready For Change!
To further this "female focused" convo..... a little embarrassing :ashamed0005:.... do any of you find your totm extra long...:argh:

Its been 2 weeks and im really bloated and they're are no signs of anything letting up!:faint2:

Sorry I know its a little too much, but im really concerned!
Well I'm on the pill and my period was just over a week ago and yet every now and again I still seem to bleed. Which shouldn't be happening. My boss who is also on LL is also taking a pill where she never bleeds. She's not had a period for about 2 years and yet she was bleeding last week. Very odd. It's possibly the diet and losing weight although I thought losing weight ment your body stops you having periods. It's a mystery x


is Magdalicious
Mine are loooong and heavy and very annoying but I don't think LL has anything to do with it. More the fact I'm fitted with the coil.

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Hi girls hope u dont mind me jumping in here............ while I was on LL mine were extra heavy & for a while after. Now a year l8tr Iv settled back down 2-3 days.


One last chance
Mine are really unusual guys and I hope you can advise me. I had my first period being on this diet about 3 weeks ago, just 1 week later I got it again but it was very very very little, it then stopped. About a week later yestrday it started again but I thought it was going to be a normal period this time but it stopped this morning.

I've never had regular periods but this is just annoying me so much, because my body is bloated, I have the symptoms of a period but no proper bleeding :(
Its been 2 weeks and im really bloated and they're are no signs of anything letting up!
Me too, for the first three (!!!!) weeks of LLT. Was not a happy girl. though thankfully nothing since.


Ready For Change!
I'm glad its not just me, when I was on another diet ..(ive tried them all) the same sort of thing happened....

im hoping it dwindles sooner rather than later... even im sick of my mood swings!!!:badmood:

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