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Tough day again


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:cry:Really, really struggling again!! I am on day 8 and feeling worse rather than starting to get easier. I feel so hungry, the sick hungry feeling. Feel so tired and depressed and starving, its really getting me down. Am doing a degree and have got an assignment due to in tomorrow, and I just dont have the energy or motivation to do it.
Also, starting to fed up of the shakes aswell. I used to look forward to shake time, but now they are starting to be a bit sickly.
Wish I could cheer up and feel better:cry:
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Hi Liz,

Try to remember how good it felt when you recently popped onto those scales and lost the 6lb. This diet is difficult but the rewards are soooooo worth it. As I am sure you will see from all of us it does get easier even though at the moment you feel rubbish. Persevere one day at a time and you will soon feel differently. If you feel hungry drink losts of black coffe/water.

Good luck - ps keep posting it really does help.


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Are you having the soups as well? if so try having curry powder or chilli flakes in it, or have the shakes warm for a change, and did you try the dreaded flapjack?
I am doing a degree too and the first few weeks on LT was hard, even worse at weekends when an assignment is due!!! so I know how you feel hun, no one said its easy but believe me, when you get your head around it you will be fine.
these are a few things that helped me through;
1) as you guessed, drink loads of water, I am not a lover of water but discovered sparkling and now I love it, I have at least 3lt a day.
2) think positive, everytime a bad thought comes in your head fight it off with the attitude that you CAN and you WILL do this and you will be slim!!!!
3) I spaced my shakes out like this- 1st shake 11am-12pm second shake (usually soup) at 4-5pm and then my last shake at 7-8pm.
4) keep busy!! if the hunger gets that bad, go for a walk or nip to the shop for more water!!
Good luck hun, chin up, you can do this!!!


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Just have the shakes at the moment, will get the soup on wed at weigh in. I drink tonnes of water and coffee, find the sparkling water a bit salty, but will get some more for a change. Yes, I spread my shakes throughout the day like u, going to have my last one in a minute, hope thats makes me feel better.
And I have had my first headache since starting the diet and boy did it come with a vengeance, have taken everything and its just not eased it. Have napped most of the day, so am dreading being up all night not being able to sleep.
Thanks for the advice, its nice to have somone to talk to during the rough patches x


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oh dear... poor you liz..i felt exactly the same when i got to day 8. i was a really miserable. but i can hosestly say i feel much better now. i toyed with the idea of giving up, and i h=am so glad i didn't.....it does get easier i promise. just think of where you will be in a few months time, the effort is worth it. :D chin up hunny


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Just noticed how far you are kezzerbelle, I would have been at your stage if I hadnt have cheated!!Your about 3 days infront of me if I am reckoning right- I think I can hold out another 3 days, maybe!!! I am about 60/40 to carry on, I need to bump that up abit!!! I need to try and hold out till wi on wed. I keep crossing the days off on my calender in big black pen to try and spurr me on. I never realised this would be so hard.


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6 is still a great loss...my WI is weds too. keep going hun. what degree are you doing. why dont you try making a choc shake as a hot choc or add some coffee to make a mocha. take 10 mins away from the studies, and chill. you will feel better. we are both at the same point. and everyone on here will give you all the support. (((((squishy hugs)))))
Hi Liz ,sorry to hear you are having a bad time with this . I have had my up and down days too and I seriously thought of giving up last week but I am in great form again now . Its not easy to avoid food but I never want to go back to where I was. You will be so happy after your next weigh in on wednesday I promise you and from somewhere will come the motivation to carry on. give it time . week three is usually easier because you are more settled and more active and used to doing other things besides thinking about and eating FOOD!!!!!!!!. If I get bored and fed up I come and whinge on this site (Poor Girls ) and guys (Sorry !!!) or I have rediscovered reading . Its amazing how fast an evening can go with a good book . Hope this helps hun . :grouphugg:


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With regards to the shakes try adding more water, kered on here said she added 400ml of cold water, at first i didnt like it but now much prefer the taste, it looks like everything is getting ontop of you, keep going see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep going hun it'll be worth it xx


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I am doing a degree in criminal justice (I work in health care at the moment, but really fancy a change!), its really interesting. What about you?
Dont fancy the shakes hot,like them ice cold but I put coffee in the choc and vanilla, quite like that, is there anything we can put in the strawberry????
The book idea, I just seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, I get the paper daily and they are just stocking up as i just cant foucs on reading, just slumped in front of the telly every night!!! Ooooh I am such a mess, i am normally so tough and strong, hope I snap out of soon!! (And I m sure u all do, thanks for ur patience x)


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Yum yum, I make my shakes with a pint of water, always have done, like it that they last so long, and I do feel marginally 'satisfied' after one, but thanks anyway x
Hi, new to the forum but would like to add my tuppence for what its worth!

I have lost some weight and have experienced those down days that you are now in the middle of and they are hard, very hard. I feel what worked for me, was not to fight the feeling of being down but to go with it and try to understand what it was all about. It was rarely about physcial hunger but more about breaking habits that had formed over a very long time.

I regard the shakes and flapjacks as fuel. Nothing more, nothing less, just fuel. Not particularly there to be enjoyed but more there to make sure my body gets the nutrients it needs while I get my head sorted. If you do enjoy them, that is a bonus but the real enjoyment comes from the weight loss and the weight loss happens because of the new imporoved, unleaded fuel you are putting into your body, like the taste or not!:)

Thats the physcial battle sorted, psychologically the battle is fought on a different front! How badly do you want this? How willing are you to train your mind to break the habits of the last few years or so? Those habits take time to conquer but TFR is the best time to examine them and face them head on. Just like now.

If you have access to a bath, get into one, lots of bubble bath, and start practising positive thinking just to get you through today or even just the next shake time. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

For the past three weeks, I have lost one pound per week. Brutal!! I so wanted to throw in the towel but another part of me really didn't . The positive side has held up well to date but on a thread at times. I have noticed real mood swings during the day. Get up in the morning, can conquer the world. By 11am, I convince myself I am destined to fail and cannot go on........all very strange.

You are doing really well. Keep talking to yourself inside your head, you'll soon learn to listen.

Now, where's that cream cake;). Only kidding!


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Moonlight, I pass on the cream cake thanks ha ha, see I couldnt have said that before!!

Thanks for your advice. I think mine is a mixture of physical and physicological. I hate the feeling of feeling of hungar that my body gives me, that dragging down feeling, the grumbling, sickly etc.

You were right when you say it is down to training your body and mind, not an easy process for anyone whether it be food, drugs, smoking, alcohol, but people do do it, and I sure as hell dont want to be one of those that fail and think oh I ll do it next time.

My weight loss is very, very important to me. I cant remember the last time I had a 'thin' summer. My dream this summer is to be able to go out anywhere with confidence and happiness. I think my weight gain has had an input in marriage break down. Not because he had a problem with me being fat (he said not anyway!), but it really broke my confidence and self-esteem, I wouldnt go out, be it day trips or nights out, so inturn the kids sufferered (I wanted to go to chill factor-the ski centre nr the trafford centre for my sons b'day, but was scared I would crack the ice!!-silly I know) Im not doing this to get my marriage back, but for me, it needs to be for me!! I want a life!!!!

I am going to print of these messages (if thats ok) and carry them with me next I am feeling low and in trouble and near caving in. I will promise with all my might that I will carry until I have reached my target weight, try not moan (I think Ive taken up enough threads with that one!) and help other people get through this!



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Moonlight, what a brilliant post. You have articulated really clearly what we all go through and struggle with. Thank you.

I've found some inspiratonal videos which are free to watch on the following website (please let me know if this isn't allowed by the way) - I have no affiliation whatsoever to this, I just found that they were beautifully made and meaningful. Make sure you have your speakers turned up.

I particularly like "The Nature of Success" and "The Power of Attitude"


To quote one of them "To get what we've never had, we have to do things we've never done". Now step away from that fridge!

I hope they help when the munchies threaten and you feel like giving up.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Good luck!
Liz, delighted to hear from you. So much you say I've experienced. The nights in, not going anywhere, been there done that and to hell with it...........I deserve to live to and the world will just have to learn to love me!!:D

What a killer low self esteem is and what a contributor weight is to that feeling. Well do you know what Liz, you are worth it and that's just a fact. You're children love, need and want you and now you just have to love yourself girl!

Ok I can understand the chill factor experience being a dilemma, but go and stand on the sideline until you are ready to take that toboggan/skis by the ears and head off down that slope. Believe it or not we were there last weekend, or at least my two boys and hubby were there while I indulged myself in the Trafford Centre across the road. No clothes, just lots of browsing, black coffee in Selfridges and a little me time. Came home with a handbag that'll do until I am confident enough to buy clothes.

Go buy yourself some cheap and cheerful smellies (raspberry from Asda does it for me) and spread on yourself. I've also taking to smelling all types of food and that often suffices.

If things get very very bad, go to bed with a book and a hot water bottle. Keep drinking the water and look forward to a lighter summer.

And how fantastic are you to be studying. I wish I could. You have so much willpower and committment, you just need to divert a tad more of it to your lipotrim effort and you will be flying with first class honours.

I'll be watching over you!;)


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I have always wanted a guardian angel, thank you for taking on that role lol.
Hey arent you good buying a bag, I can only dream of a bag from selfidges, mine are from ebay Im afraid lol. I was thinking of saving the money I havent spent on food to buy some Jimmy Choos when I have thin feet to put in them, that would be nice, take me about 10 years I suppose though lol.

Oooh yes, I am a food smeller too, it does help abit, I do it when no ones looking and to things in the frigde (and sometimes my boys dinner I have just cooked, but dont let them see lol)

Thank you, feeling alot brighter this morning, another day crossed off the calender!!! I think the mood depletes as the day goes, but i will hang in there, I promise. And one day I will challenge you to a race down the ski slope!!! Thank you x
Crikey, the bag wasn't from Selfridges, just a little boutique up the way from it!

I'm with you on the shoes but having been in the aforementioned Selfridges checking out the stock, I'm going for the Christian Lamboutin shoes with the red soles!! None of them oul Jimmy choo shoes for me. Too cheap!!!

I'll take you up on that ski challenge, but beware, you better be light and fit cos I am goooooooood:D:break_diet:

Just need someone to push me over to get going............I hate heights:ashamed0005:
Hey Liz. Firstly, you're doing really well!! 6lbs is great. I'm on week 1, day 7, and hoping my weigh in will show 6lb. I will be chuffed to bits and I have had the odd sinful nibble! Your honesty and determination for your slim, happy summer is your focus.....you're doing it girl...the slim summer will be here before you know it and the fact you got over these struggles rather than giving in will make the achievement all the more brilliant! Now all I need to do is listen to my own words of wisdom ;-)

The little things I find make a difference...like a bath, like a clapping hands animation on my signature for every day Im abstinent, like my blog!!

Whatever it takes......we CAN get there LIZ!!! Come on girl....think slim!!!!


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Ha ha, thanks Moonlight, I will make your challenge, ha ha. Thank you for your very motivating words, I will never forget them.

Wagon wheel- thanks, and well done for getting to day 7, not easy but 'think slim'!! I am getting that as a tattoo!!!

Normally have my first shake at about 10.30-11, but being on here has taken my mind of it, the posts on here today have been great (not just my personal counselling session!!), at least i can have my last one a bit later today and hopeful beat the dreaded teatime lul!! Thank you all

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