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Tough decision......

....... I'm torn between my devil and my angel right now!
After 2 (make that 3!) weeks of having what I wanted, both post final WI and on holiday I am grabbing the bull (and belly) by the horns and going for it to shift the gain.

The decision is this, after my WI tonight I really want pizza and sweets BUT I know I should come home and cook a quick SW friendly SW meal and start tonight.

Eek - angel Jay says pasta, devil Jay says pizza.

What say you lovely SW peeps :p
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Make a SW Pizza ;) xx
I could do pizza on a pitta couldn't I? I don't like the smash pizza thing.
Hmm... If I do SW pizza, can I have garlic bread and coleslaw ;-)


is working hard.....
Do you *need* the Pizza? The sweets? I think I know the answer ;)

My advice? You have 3 choices!

1. If you decide to go for it, lay it all out before you go to WI. On a plate, in a bowl, ready and waiting. Your treat for tonight, measured and counted.
Then come back after WI in the full knowledge of any gain (or not!), and can tuck in having given yourself permission and controlled what you eat. Then draw the line and move on, looking forward to tomorrow!

2. Or come back from WI and shout at the temptation, call it rude names, physically bash it up, smush it, drown it (in washing up liquid if necessary!) and then NOT eat it feeling truly smug and self satisfied that YOU are in control and no way will you be wearing that Pizza and sweeties tonight!.

3. If you decide not to indulge your inner demon, then do the same as choice 1, except choose a post WI treat on plan, within Syns, and again have it ready. Measured, prepared and laid out for your pleasure. Cue smug and self-satisfied feelings again!

Good luck hon - let us know how you get on! xx
Sounds like you should get it out of your system but only if you can be sure that if you indulge tonight then that is it - back on track tomorrow.

In the past when I have felt like this and denied myself it has made it a whole lot worse to stay on track because I just kept craving that yummy something!

Just my personal experience.
You have taught me this, so I am giving it back:

Compromise- either a SW tea and a few sweets OR no sweets and a not-too-bad pizza

Just be slightly wary- we have both seen people allow themselves to go a bit mad over Xmas/holiday etc and never come back again because getting back on plan was so hard........like I said the other day, 'normal' people put weight on on holiday then get back on with cutting back afterwards. Only people with food issues find the getting back bit really really hard.

You will be fine mate- hope WI isn't as bad as you think xxxxxx
What did you decide?? I know I would have followed Devil Graciemai and then regretted it :(

Hoping you enjoyed whatever you had last night and are back on plan this morning like the SW angel you are ;)



Now to maintain.....
hehe yes i was wondering how weigh in went and what you decided too!!
Come on then spill :D What did you have? x
Well I put half a stone on.....as expected! And I had pasta with home made arrabiata sauce, followed by a bag of revels for 8.5 syns. Angel Jaylou x


Now to maintain.....
Well I put half a stone on.....as expected! And I had pasta with home made arrabiata sauce, followed by a bag of revels for 8.5 syns. Angel Jaylou x
ooooo you were an angel!!
and half a stone isnt bad for 3 weeks off.....just 7 lil pounds and you know how easy it is to get those off with sw!


Always comes back to MMs!
Good for you, I was secretly hoping your angel would win!!

Here's to a good week and a good loss xxxx

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