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  1. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering what everyones relationship is like with their consultants. My consultant is lovely and I consider her my friend, it helps that she lives a street away too but she's soooo cool and calm. Sometimes I tell her to shake me about lol. The days I break the plan she will say 'never mind' but I want her to tell me off. I couldn't change consultants as she really is genuinely such a love. What about everyone else? Do u prefer a verbal slap or a cuddly 'it's ok re start tomorrow' ? Of course they can't make us do 100% but it's just nice to have that nudge when u have a down day.

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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Well-Known Member

    I have been having the same conversation with myself today, I even looked at local consultants and felt so bad I had to shut down. I love my consultant, she is amazing, I saw her 3 years ago and lost 6 stone.... which I put most of back on. But I have been messing about for the last year or so. I think I know her too well, and need someone to scare me into not cheating, but she gives me a pep talk and I restart. I am also in the habit of postponing appointments to pull back when I have cheated, so end up two weeks later no far off where I started.

    But I still don't think I could change, because that said, she is so supportive, has every product in stock, runs it very professionally etc.
  4. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    I do exactly the same. Change appointments all the time.
    Wow 6 stone loss!! That's amazing. Tell me everything. How long were u on the plan? How much water?
    I really hope we can stick it out hey. How about we come on here for telling off instead of changing consultants lol. Everyone reading this please be blunt with me. Hehe. I

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  5. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Well-Known Member

    My consultant is lovely, but she would give me a good talking too if I was to stray off plan :)
  6. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Omg I want to eat ur profile picture. Mmmmm!'
    That's good u have a consultant to get u back on track it's nice you can get on too. X

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  7. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    But if your consultant was really strict with you, you wouldn't just put off appointments - you'd stop going altogether. That's not good for you or for your consultant's business!

    The thing is, you're not doing this to keep your consultant happy - you're doing it for you. It's kind of easy to forget that sometimes. She's not there to tell you what to do, she's there to support you through the diet, however long-winded a journey you might make that for yourself. :)
  8. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    See, Kimboowee's avatar leaves me cold now I've been SS-ing for a month. Don't fancy it at all. Weird! :D
  9. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    My Consultant is lovely, but I reckon she would kick ass if I messed up. She has a full book of clients right now, which considering there are lots of Consultants round here, is a damn good sign! She is very supportive, but does not stand for people messing her about, and as such, as she is turning customers away, she doesn't hesitate to get rid of people who are messing her around. Firm but fair I think!
  10. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Firm but fair is exactly what I need too. I can see how customers would leave if their CDC was bossy and harsh. I'm not wantin her to shout 'your fat honey get the jiggle off NOW' but sometimes I find myself preparing a massive junk food fix in my HEAD and I will ring her and say 'aaarrrgh help' and she wouldn't give the prep talk she would just say have an extra shake or something and i usually let my head lead me to my junk fix. I'm not for a second saying I'm doing this plan for my consultant all I'm saying is sometimes on a low day I'd like to call her and her to calm me down and stop me being a moany looser. That's what they're there for, right? A bit of support as well as ur money?!
    Like I said she's my friend too so I wouldn't change consultant. But yeah I'd like a bit of a forceful push. What can I say I'm weak when it comes to food :-/

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  11. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Wow I need ur will power. Well done x

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  12. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Well-Known Member

    Ok sorry if this sounds rude it's not intended to but........
    Clearly you started the CD because your over weight, why does someone else need to tell you what you shouldn't be eating when you know yourself?!
    Like me. everyone on here started this diet to lose weight,because we're overweight, if you have no self control and will power what's the point?! Your wasting money and the CDC time!
    Iv never in a month rang my CDC complaining that I want food! They have lives beyond seeing clients and my own will power is enough because I really want to do this and lose weigh! That's why I started in the first place

    How bad do you want to lose weight?!
    Why do you need someone to tell you off?! The only person your cheating is yourself

    One of my mates is on slimming world, rang me up, "i really want some cake" my response was "hunni, do you want to eat that cake, stay fat and avoid your weigh-in or you wanna lose
    Weight that took you to slimming world in the first place?! Choice is yours you know this, eat the cake n stay fat or tell yaself no n loose the weight, choice is yours, it's your mouth and your body"
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  13. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Hey. Well done for having such self control sadly love not all of us have that control you have. I think your pretty nasty to ur friend to be honest. Surely there's a more subtle way to
    Speak to ur 'friend' if she's feeling down, fat and a bit like comfort eating!???!!??!
    I think you will find a few of us do have days where we feel like we are about to give
    Up and that quick 3 minute encouragement is very much needed. At the end of the day we aren't only paying for the packs but also the support hence the reason for some consultants setting up support groups!!
    Gosh there's being a bit harsh and being extremely rude honey and you to your friend are rude.
    I was just wondering what kind of support some of us get. I, most of the time, have the self control and very rarely cheat on the plan but every now n then I feel like I need a bit of a kick up the bum :-o shoot me now!!!

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  14. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Well-Known Member

    My friends know I'm straight talking which is why they ring me!
    I'm not gonna beat around the bush
    It wasn't comfort eating she simply wanted cake!
    You know nothing about my friendships and I'm not nasty to her at all! As I say she rings me for straight talking! That's what friends do, be honest with each other! Because when she did leave the father of her children I was the first person she rang for honest advice, not pandering and saying what she wants to hear! Same with my gay friend, when he came out of the closet, first person he told for an honest opinion which was "I'm happy that your honest with yourself, if your happy I'm happy, gay or straight"
    Some people prefer straight talking which is what you was saying you wanted from your CDC, if she said that to you you would say she was nasty?! For being honest?!

    CDC give us the tools, it's up to us what we do with them
  15. babycham

    babycham Well-Known Member

    Ok I apologise after reading this message I went back to the original message I I read it very differently the first time. I saw 'she rang' and 'fat'and I just thought you said something along the lines of your already fat and want cake. :-/ Sorry! Yes ok as friends you can say that. I would certainly prefer my friends said it now it is and be honest and blunt and yes I would like my consultant to be blunt too but when I call her I some times feel, although she's a lovely lady she is a bit too laid back. And not very encouraging! I lost 4 stone a while back with her and like you I didn't once need to call her to say I feel weak and want to eat but this time I'm not as tough as I was. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and that's why I've struggled a tiny bit but yes I do want her to say 'come on you can do this' ok so I'm old enough to tell myself that but the little voice in my head takes over and argues back so I think sometimes it's good to hear when coming from your friend or consultant!! Her son is in the same class as my son so I see her nearly everyday and the only time we discuss the plan is when we switch money and packs but the consultants are meant to be there to help get you through when you need support. They can't just switch off once they have the money and switch back on next WI.

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  16. Chlo

    Chlo Well-Known Member

    Well, I have done it. I now have an appointment with a different CDC. I feel like I am being unfaithful, but I know that I need a change to get myself back on track, I get myself stuck in a rut with small cheats and small losses, and the constant restarts. Now I am going to text my usual CDC (who is brilliant) and blatantly lie about going onto WW as CD isn't working for me (or more to the point I am not working at it).

    I think with what Lealou was saying it makes sense, but some of us need something different to stay on track. I work better when I feel I am letting someone else down, I know I should be doing it for myself, but sometimes my willpower needs some additional help. I am not after a Sgt Major, but I need someone to question my choices when I make the wrong ones, and make me think twice about making them to begin with.

    Anyway, Monday restart yet again. I have high hopes. The other bonus is this one is actually a lot nearer.
  17. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    You can do it Chlo! :clap:

    New CWPC, new start! Could be just what's needed here, cos you aren't going to want to let her down (or yourself) in the first couple of weeks, and after that first couple of weeks, after you start seeing brilliant results, you'll want to keep going all the more.

    Now, no stuffing yourself before Monday, okay? ;) Don't do what I'd do! :D
  18. Chlo

    Chlo Well-Known Member

    You are the CDC I need Lily. Because that is so what I have intended, and now feel a bit guilty at even thinking about it.
  19. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    LOL. Good luck with your restart tomorrow! :clap:
  20. Lealou1

    Lealou1 Well-Known Member

    Good lick with your restart!
    I changed CDC and I'm glad I did :)
  21. lass321

    lass321 Well-Known Member

    Yay for restart! Good luck.

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