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Toy Boys/Older Man

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I seen someone had said they had a toy boy in another post and just wondered how many of you have toy boys or older men. What's the age difference?

I'm 34 and my H is 37 so no toy boy or older man although before I met him I had a few older men :8855:

It's just a bit of fun but understand if some people don't want to reply.
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I'm 33 and my partner is 46. We've been together for six years. I have to admit, I have always liked boys and men older than myself!


Now to maintain.....
hehehe my hubby is 9 months older than me so i joke he's my older man.
Im 38 and hubby turned 46 two days ago... not that he actually acts that age...hmmm more like 7 most of the time :phe doesn't look 46 either,,,
im 31 and Mr G is 42 :) when I was 22 I went out with a 20 year old and when I split up with him met a 40 year old both were year long relationships so have had both an older man and a toyboy. I think the age difference between myself and the current Mr G is just about right

I think age is a number and its how old or young you feel inside
It has to be said that I believe he got to around fifteen mentally and then decided to stay there, so actually he probably counts as a toy boy! :8855:
hehehe my hubby is 9 months older than me so i joke he's my older man.
:8855: I do the same with Rob, he's 7 months older than me ;) omg he's gonna be 22 in October :eek:


Not evil at all
I'm 21 and my bf is 27 :) I don't think I would like a toyboy tho, maybe when I'm older they'll seem more appealing lol

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Wow quite a mix.

I don't think I'd like a toy boy either although my H acts like a 18 year sometimes...
It was moi, who posted the thread about toy boys.

My OH is 17 years younger than me and we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary this year.

It has been a fabulous marriage. My ex was older and for me, and I reiterate this is only for me, I would rather have my young man any day.

The downside, because as with all things there is always a downside, is we will not have those fabulous retirement years together.

What I have with Paul doesn' have a price, he makes me feel special and keeps me young.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
OH is 2 years older than me. I always call him my first husband! (he's been a practicing old f*rt for years, but I gradually reforming him :p)
Whichever way the age difference is the bottom line is to have love and respect for one another.
My husband is two years and 2 weeks younger than me. I'm not sure that counts as a toyboy though.

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