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travelling via aeroplane helppp!

basically in a couple of months I will be going on a long weekend to Paris with this group I volunteer with, and I do not want to give up lipotrim for that time.

I was wondering - can you take the powders with you in your luggage??

Has anyone done this before? I'm afraid the airport security will confiscate them off me (or worse, think it's disguised drugs and hold me and everyone up at the airport) It'd be a waste of money and i'll be stuck eating the same as everyone else!
(the trip is catered, most likely carbs carbs carbs!!)
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I think it'll be hard to get the powder on board a plane chic, maybe a check a bag on??


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Hi, u can take the shakes with u. Me and my friend both did the diet and last month I took the shakes with me to amsterdam on the ferry and she took hers on the plane to Spain. No questions asked or anything. I would take them in the lipo carrier bag with the receipt from chemist. Hope that helps :) x
Never even thought of it and I'm flying on Wednesday for a night. Thanks for keeping my brain working ladies! And will definitely do what you suggested xlis!
Apparently they CAN confiscate it as it will show as organics in the scanner and they can and will take it off you if they want to... I'm on my phone so I can't find it... But somewhere else on this forum is someone who did have there's taken off them. Do a search!! The only way to be safe is to get a doctors note to agree that it's medical supply x
I've flown a few times with them in my hand luggage and had no problems - I'm sure you'll be fine. Im going away for a week in a weeks time and intend to do the same

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Hi I work in the airport and it is fine! If you are only taking hand luggage then I would put it in a carrier bag as well but there really shouldn't be any problems. I have bought my exante sachets through a lot with no problems. If they do decide to do a trace on it they will just swipe the outside of the sachet to test for explosives or drugs but the machine is very acute to those materials so you will be fine!
I brought lt and exante back with me from Uk to Canada in my case with no questions
OK - here's what I got straight from the airport security - "...food for people on special diets is exempt from the new regulations. Passengers are allowed to bring these items through the screening points in the quantities needed during their trip.Passengers may be required to demonstrate that what they are carrying is real and for genuine use and not something less innocent." This is an EU regulation. So, it would seem just carry a receipt maybe and maybe your weigh-in card. Or a note from the pharmacist which is what I am gonna do.
Just thought I'd let ye know that I flew last week from Ireland to England. They didn't blink at the powdered sachets. I'm sure every experience can be different so good luck!

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