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treadmill joy

I've wanted a treadmill since I quit going the gym in January (couldn't afford to keep it up on my measly student budget) and now finally last Wednesday after ordering one on the previous Saturday my treadmill arrived.

I've been on it 4 times since it came and have to say I am loving it so far! I've tried running outdoors but I detest it! I much prefer to run indoors for many reasons including:

-I don't get shin pain due to the cold (couldn't run outdoors at all in the winter months)
-I can have my ipod as loud as I like
-I can't use the weather as an excuse not to run
-I don't have to worry about being safe running in the early mornings or late evenings

and best of all I can sweat and look as gross as I do without feeling embarrassed about it haha!

I have so far been managing 4.2mile over an hour consisting of:
15mins warm up 1mph --> 4mph brisk walk
30mins of run for 1min at 5.8mph and then brisk walk for 2min at 4mph
15mins cool down 4mph --> 1mph
10mins stretching time

This seems to be working really well for me at the moment as I'm trying to build my fitness levels up, but any tips or advice on ways to improve are always welcome!

I'm hoping to improve over the next few weeks by increasing the run to walking ratio and ending up at a point where I can run flat out for 30mins and then build up from that.

Any other treadmill devotees?:p
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Please be careful with your ipod! My son was turned down at 21 for the RAF because his hearing had been damaged by his personal cd player! It may not mean much to you now but deafness is no fun.
I loooooove the treadmill.
Theres no better way to realise how great a runner you are becoming.
I've run up to 5 1/2 miles in one shot at 6.2 mph - thats something I don't think I could have acomplished by sticking to the roads, all those numbers just egg you on its all like 'I'll get this far' then you get there and you're just like 'okay, little bit more...'
Its like having an angel and a demon nattering to you on either shoulder :p Not always a good thing though, I've had many a wear and a tear on my knees and hips from pushing myself too far.

I'll tell you something though, I tried running again outside a few days ago which I haven't done in ages and completely blasted through my 2 1/2 path (which when I began running, I had to stop twice during!) and was back at my house like speedy gonzalez all like 'where did the path go?'

Treadmills are the best thing since spreadable butter :p
I've been looking at getting a treadmill for a couple of months but there are so many on the market I can't decide which one (and budget is limited to £400 max!!!)

I definitely need one that folds away though!

What did you buy? and have you found any cons?
I got the reebok i-run for £335 off the gymworld website. The same treadmill is £600 in argos! It folds away so you can stand it against a wall/slide under your bed if you need to but it is rather heavy and large so not that easy to move around. Other than the heaviness I have yet to find any cons, it's display reads miles per hour instead of km which may be the only downside if you're used to working in km (I'm a mile fan myself lol)
I'd definitely have a look on the gymworld site though as they have a customer service helpline for advice aswell.

I agree that the numbers definitely egg you on, I completed my 5k training for this week yesterday (i'm only on week one so far) and I wasn't done in afterwards so I carried on and brisk walked (4mph) my way to a 5mile finish. I was really chuffed with it lol.
Grrrrr I tried to order it yesterday and everytime I clicked 'continue' it kept saying I'd left out details (which I hadnt) ... so frustrated in the end I left it.

Will try to have another go this afternoon (having to do it at work as I have broadband problem at home and its still not fixed)!!! lol
still having same online problems with ordering :mad:

so I went into my local store today, with the intention of getting one ordered. The queue was so long ...... I didn't have a lot of time so had to leave it in the end.

perhaps its just not meant to be. lol

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