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Treat ideas?

I've created a journal for my weight loss journey and in it I want to put some non food treats (obviously!) for each stone that I lose. But I'm struggling to think of any.

Manicure is out as I have to keep my nails short for piano practice.

All I have so far is:

new straighteners
tattoo re-colour and adding to when at goal
makeover and new make up
new body bar for belly button (so I can take out the plastic stretchy pregnancy one - DD is 3:sigh:)
pedicure (maybe)

Any suggestions?
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Ohh what about...

1. A designer hand bag that you would never normally buy.
2. A health spa weekend with friends...though this one might not be good if food is about.
3. Mini adventure, I'm doing a helicopter ride with my sister and also went quad bike riding just for the fun of it.
4. Buy yourself a lovely pair of boots for the winter coming in to celebrate and every time you wear them you will remember why.
5. Do something that you've always liked but never done...I know it sounds really obvious, but I'm planning on starting a belly dance class when RTM is over, it's on the same night as my RTM meeting at the moment. I'm also thinking of going for a horse riding lesson....never been on a horse in my life but it's do-able now I'm lighter.

I'm at target just now but waiting until I've finished RTM to get a piercing done to remember my journey. I've promised myself a tattoo when I've maintained my weight for 6 months.
book a holiday to a hot county, buy some lovely swimwear and show off your curves that will all be nice and proportioned.
best of luck and stick with it.


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When I get to my final goal I am going to treat myself to a Links sweetie bracelet. I think I might start buying a charm for each stone lost (better go and buy 3 now!) and put them on it when I get to goal and buy the actual bracelet.

Also had a night away at malmaison to celebrate getting into the 17's which was lovely.

Like you, straighteners for the 16's - have some ghd's but hair is so thick and faffy to dry then straighten that am going to treat myself to a wet to straight set.

Have a handbag in mind for the 15's lol and a purse for the 14's.

Peony - I'm getting some wet to dry straighteners too! Snap! I think I know the kind of bracelet you mean and I really like them. Charms are a great idea, thank you.
Here's what I'm going to do:
- a small treat daily or every 2-3 days (v. small otherwise prohibitively expensive!) - ideas so far: a magazine, new bubble bath, new nail polish colour, a new flavoured coffee, a water flavour from LLC, coffee in a cafe with a paper / book / work, a night off work watching a DVD etc. even lots of time on minimins is a reward because it's something I shouldn't be doing when there's so much else to do!

- 2 weekly shopping trip. I've been a stay at home mum for 5 years and have no smart clothes which I now need for teacher training, so I'm going to buy a new, inexpensive item every couple of weeks.

- At every stone a bigger reward:
1. Undecided yet
2. Hairdressers / full body wax (!) / manicure / pedicure / the works at the beauty salon...
3. Undecided yet.
4. A tattoo!
Goal: A lovely ring to replace my wedding ring (am now just about divorced - waiting for final papers)
Hi Nelly,

what about a day in a spa having a massage then an all over spray tan to boost your confidence even more?

My little treats so far in my first week have been trashy mags, new nail polish and a DVD.

I am thinking I will be buying new bras along the way as my bewbies will be deflating! xx :p
hi there
i bought a pandora charm for my bracelet every 4lbs i lost - its quite full now!

i also put a £2 coin away for each lb lost

daisy x
go for it! x
i got the bracelet online a couple of years ago from john greed

but most of the charms from jewellers, lots of them do pandora now

daisy x
Hi everyone
I think the charm bracelet is a fantastic idea, something that grows with your journey and in the future means so much more than any other item you have!
I may have to find one of those, I don't own lots of jewellery but that sounds like one treat that lasts a lifetime that I would be very proud to own.
I must say I am loving the forums and everyones ideas, suggestions and experiences.


Gotta Make A Change
For me once I reach goal
holiday to far east and also a new BMW :)
but smaller goals
every stone lost so far
I've bought a watch
a ps3
and football shirts

Oh and also when I reach goal
I'll take all the people who have supported me for a coffee :)
I've just been on the John Greed website - am def. up for it! Am going to buy the bracelet once I've completed this week and then get one charm for every 7lbs I lose (total of 8-9 charms). Thank you SOOO much for this suggestion!
- just make sure you take it off for weigh in as it gets heavier, lol! x
Just popped back on this thread to let daisydoll know I got my bracelet! I've found something similar - Chamilia (I know a friend so got discount! Yay!)

I love it already, and bought a star to celebrate my first 7lbs. The only question is what colour should my bracelet end up being. I've gone neutral for the first one, but am thinking:

1. A greeny one because that goes with the colours I tend to wear (brown, grey, neutrals a lot) and still looks nice


2. Go for a colour for fun: maybe purple...what goes well with purple?

Suggestions gratefully received!
i had the same dilemma - in the end it was decided for me by my daughter as her and my hubby got me a blue striped glass bead - so blue it is!

i think they all look nice

daisy x
I went on the J Greed website and fell in love with the Giorgio bracelets...and the charms are lovely...they even have a little scottie dog charm, and I have a westie....now, where's my OH and how will I get him to open that wallet...:p

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